SOTI Year in Review 2022: New SOTI Customer Stories. New Mobility Reports. New Product Features and More.

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This blog was updated on 06/30/23


It’s been another year full of innovation and customer successes here at SOTI, and none of it could have happened without our talented employees, amazing customers and engaged partners.

So, truly and deeply, thank you. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for your passion and hard work. Thank for you believing in SOTI’s products and people.


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Before saying goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023, let’s take one final look at some of the highlights from this year that we don’t want you to miss.

New SOTI Customer Stories

We love supporting our customers and seeing them share their SOTI Customer Stories, as the following fifteen customers did in 2022:

  • AMA: A global IT services organization spent one year updating 3,000+ devices worldwide until SOTI MobiControl reduced that time to just two weeks.

  • Breezemount: A leading home delivery provider in the UK and Ireland, Breezemount used SOTI MobiControl to remotely troubleshoot device issues and get new devices up and running in minutes.

  • DAO Group: Based out of Virginia Beach, DAO Group chose SOTI MobiControl to provision new devices, which are in multiple locations in minutes, without the need to physically be on site.

  • Essmann’s Backstube: A family-run artisan bakery based in Germany used SOTI Snap to automate over 70 different paper-based processes.

  • Euronav: The world’s largest independent quoted crude tanker platform engaged in the transportation and storage of crude oil needed SOTI MobiControl to remotely manage devices on any ship, anywhere in the world, at any time.

  • Hymer: A leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles and motorhomes in Europe was able to reduce the costs required to configure its devices by 93% with SOTI MobiControl.

  • Iper La grand i: A large food distribution supermarket chain in Italy saved over 19 hours on deploying updates to devices located in 22 stores across the country with SOTI MobiControl.

  • Memphis Fire Department: SOTI MobiControl helps keep these emergency services heroes’ vehicles on the road 24/7/365 to ensure quick response times.

  • PostNord: Owned by the Governments of Sweden and Denmark, PostNord supported, maintained, updated and secured devices in both countries using SOTI MobiControl.

  • RollCall: RollCall is an Australian transportation and logistics (T&L) organization specializing in transporting students to and from schools safely. They rely on SOTI MobiControl to save $14,000 (AUD) in travel costs and $15,000 (AUD) in support costs.

  • Salling Group: A European retail chain committed to donating a portion of its profits to charitable donations selected SOTI MobiControl to increase device availability and reliability for its employees.

  • SHS: Based in Iceland, SHS protects citizens by providing firefighting, rescue and ambulance services. Downtime is simply not an option, which is why they use SOTI MobiControl to fix device issues quickly, remotely and smoothly.

  • Tarweej: An IT/tech service provider from Saudi Arabia that reduced the time required to update devices from two weeks to one hour with SOTI MobiControl.

  • Wandelbots: A European-based artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics manufacturer saves hours in device setup, configuration, app management and updates, courtesy of SOTI MobiControl.

  • Wisetrack: Serving Latin America, Wisetrack is a T&L organization looking to increase driver productivity. With SOTI MobiControl, they were able to remotely resolve device issues up to 1,800 miles away and decrease travel costs for service calls by 80%.

Introducing the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard

The Spring 2022: SOTI ONE Platform Update saw the announcement of the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard: a powerful tool to help organizations predict, protect and prolong the life of the batteries powering their business-critical mobile devices.

For 41% of workers, battery failure is a top source of frustration, and a staggering 80% of enterprises experience mid-shift battery failure with costly consequences:

The SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard gives organizations total visibility into the health and expected lifespan of their batteries, allowing them to proactively replace them before they fail.

SOTI Leads the Way Globally with the Most Google Android Enterprise Certified Experts

SOTI provides support for Android™ in numerous ways. First, preferred by 77% of U.S. based multinational firms – are managed and secured with maximum uptime.

The second way SOTI supports Android is by providing guidance, insights and answers to customers who need a little help. The best way to do this is to become an Android Enterprise Certified Expert, and in July, Google recognized SOTI as having more Android Enterprise Certified Experts than any other partner. SOTI Android Enterprise Certified Experts can be found throughout the company: during the discovery phase when you discuss the needs of your business-critical mobile strategy; in Sales as SOTI delivers the best solution and value; and in Technical Support to help you troubleshoot any issues with SOTI MobiControl or Android Enterprise.

That means SOTI customers who utilize Android have more access to world-class knowledge, speedy support and issue resolution. Plus, Android Enterprise Certified Experts have access to exclusive content and resources, that are unavailable anywhere else, to help solve problems and provide solutions even faster.

It was a monumental acknowledgement, and it speaks to the dedication of SOTI employees to achieve this designation because becoming an Android Enterprise Certified Expert is not easy – and SOTI has more of them.

Dr. Guangjun Liu Announced as SOTI Research Chair for Toronto Metropolitan University’s Department of Aerospace Engineering

SOTI Aerospace is focused on advanced aerial drone and robotics research to develop vision-based systems for indoor environments. SOTI initially launched SOTI Aerospace with a $20 million CAD investment with $2.5 million allocated towards the creation of a new Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) research chair to develop research and experiential learning opportunities.

Indoor drone technology is a burgeoning space with incredible potential, and SOTI Aerospace will focus its efforts on autonomous drones for healthcare settings. For example, drones can “make the rounds” to visit patients, record vital signs and alert staff if a medical issue is detected. This technology can help improve efficiency and patient care. The technology that will improve healthcare outcomes for tomorrow will be developed by the brightest young minds of today and will be led by an experienced and respected leader in academia.

In May 2022, to further the development of SOTI Aerospace, Dr. Guangjun Liu was appointed SOTI Research Chair, Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science’s Department of Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Liu’s credentials are impressive:

  • Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto in 1996
  • Professor and former Canada Research Chair in control systems and robotics with the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Licensed member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario
  • Former Technical Editor of the IEEE/ASME Transactions of Mechatronics

SOTI is honored to have Dr. Liu as SOTI Research Chair and for him to continue preparing students to become bold, fearless leaders and changemakers.

New State of Mobility Reports

Once again in 2022, SOTI continued its tradition of releasing thought-provoking State of Mobility reports. Two of the reports looked at industries still recovering from COVID-19: retail and healthcare. The third report focuses on an issue which truly impacts everyone on Earth: sustainability.

Collectively, SOTI interviewed close to 15,000 people to better understand the challenges they face and how technology helps alleviate them.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded and shared these reports. Stay tuned because more insightful reports are scheduled for 2023 – starting with the next retail industry report in January.

Winning Awards

SOTI is proud to have received the following awards in 2022:

These awards and recognitions could not have been possible without SOTI’s talented and tireless product development teams. We must also thank our customers who use our products and our partners who promote and advocate our products and solutions.

See You in 2023

It feels like just yesterday the 2020s were ushered in, and now, we’re already entering the third year of the decade. Through all the challenges brought upon by COVID-19, together, we were able to innovate, thrive, succeed and stay connected.

Once again, thank you for an incredible 2022. Whatever 2023 has in store, we can’t wait to explore its endless possibilities.

See you next year!