SOTI Pocket Controller is Entering Retirement, But Don’t Worry!

The features and capabilities of SOTI Pocket Controller have been extended and improved and are now available in SOTI XSight.

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Thank You to all our SOTI Pocket Controller Customers

Today, SOTI is a worldwide leader in mobile technology management with a global presence. But back in 2001, SOTI was just one person, our founder and CEO Carl Rodrigues who started SOTI by building our first product SOTI Pocket Controller from his basement.

SOTI Pocket Controller enabled enterprises to remotely control and provide real-time support to mobile devices when no other company had even considered the concept of delivering that level of control and visibility to the modern enterprise.

SOTI Pocket Controller also led to the first iteration of SOTI MobiControl, and ultimately, the SOTI ONE Platform.

Today, over 17,000 customers in more than 176 countries rely on SOTI to manage over 20 million mobile devices.

It all started in 2001 with SOTI Pocket Controller. And to those customers who have been with us since then, and have continued to adopt the SOTI ONE Platform, we say THANK YOU.

Remote Support and Device Analytics Come Together in SOTI XSight

SOTI XSight is packed with the same powerful features as SOTI Pocket Controller, along with new capabilities designed to limit downtime due to mobile device issues. SOTI XSight also features out-of-the-box analytics on things like battery health, signal strength and app usage. It’s the tools you need to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot any issue. Gain critical insights to help you get the most ROI out of your business-critical mobile operations.

SOTI XSight integrates with the SOTI ONE Platform and supports all of today’s major operating systems: Android, Apple iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows and Linux.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Using Device Snapshot, Device Screenshot and Device Logs, access detailed device data without end user intervention to view precise details and settings when an issue occurs.

Robust Remote Control

Remote control into problematic mobile devices to better assist end users with their issues. Enable device administrators to quickly identify the problem and show the end user how to remediate it.

Collaborative Remediation Tools

Draw on an end user’s device screen to illustrate the cause and solution to the issues they are experiencing. Use annotation tools and even a shared whiteboard to collaborate on a solution with the user.

Device Snapshot and Device Logs

Device administrators can take a snapshot of the current state of the mobile device, as well as a screenshot of the device’s screen to document remediation actions.

Audio and Video Recording

Record end user audio and video of the remote support session and attach that recording to the incident ticket for future reference. Technicians can use these recordings to help users with similar issues.

Advanced Out-of-the-Box Analytics

View detailed dashboards on metrics such as battery health, signal strength, app usage and data consumption. Always know what your devices are doing in the field and make informed decisions on how to maximize their performance and lifespan.

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Support and updates are no longer available for any iteration of SOTI Pocket Controller (Android, Windows). If you’re looking to maintain access to its features and benefits, your best option is to transition to SOTI XSight.

If you require any support, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’ll quickly reply with the answers and information you need.