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Accelerate Your Mobility Expertise

SOTI Academy delivers flexible training programs that ensure the success of your business mobility strategy. The course modules distill over 20 years of enterprise mobility experience and expertise garnered through hundreds of global deployments in all industries. SOTI Academy offers a complete training curriculum and is the fastest, most effective way for your staff to develop mobility management expertise. Click here to view the brochure.

Benefits of SOTI Academy

On-Demand Training: Online, on-demand courses let your staff learn at their own speed. Take and re-take courses at any time to learn, reinforce and refresh your knowledge of SOTI MobiControl.

Accelerated Teaching Methodology: Courses are delivered using an industry-proven approach to maximize the learner’s ability to retain and understand the lesson. Demonstrations reinforce the course material and quizzes verify that each lesson is fully grasped.

Role-Based Curriculum: Flexible training for everyone on your enterprise mobility team. Basic mobility management concepts for executives, sales and line management. Operational training for help desk and IT operations staff that perform daily tasks within SOTI MobiControl. In-depth implementation and mobile security training for IT managers and network administrators responsible for the setup and end-to-end configuration of SOTI MobiControl.

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SOTI Academy

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SOTI Academy Courses

SOTI Mobility Foundations

Intended for individuals that are new to SOTI MobiControl and that need to understand the key challenges that mobility management solves, the operating systems SOTI MobiControl supports, and the key capabilities SOTI MobiControl offers.

Duration: 30 Minutes Pre-Requisite: None Audience: Sales & Management, IT Operations & Help Desk, Mobility & Network Admins

SOTI MobiControl Operations

Designed for staff administering, supporting or enrolling devices in SOTI MobiControl on a day-to-day basis. The course provides an overview of the core components of SOTI MobiControl and demonstrates how to perform key administrative and support activities, including device enrollment and configuration of the self-service portal.

Duration: 1 Hour Pre-Requisite: SOTI Mobility Foundations Audience: IT Operations & Help Desk, Mobility & Network Admins

SOTI MobiControl Administration

Designed for staff that are responsible for the end-to-end installation and configuration of SOTI MobiControl. It covers all of the material required to become proficient at getting a SOTI MobiControl instance up and running – defining profiles, enrolling devices and managing apps. Learn how to setup and support large scale, high availability SOTI MobiControl deployments.

Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes Pre-Requisite: SOTI MobiControl Operations Audience: Mobility & Network Admins

SOTI MobiControl Advanced Security

An overview of the communication protocols, ports and software permissions required by SOTI MobiControl is provided. Course participants are taught best practices for maximizing the security of a SOTI MobiControl instance, as well as best practices for securing mobile devices enrolled in SOTI MobiControl.

Duration: 15 Minutes Pre-Requisite: SOTI MobiControl Administration Audience: Mobility & Network Admins

SOTI MobiControl Content Management

Recommended for organizations looking to securely distribute company content (Exchange email, files and websites) to mobile devices. It introduces course participants to the various components of SOTI MobiControl’s content management solution, which includes the Enterprise Resources Gateway (ERG), SOTI Hub and SOTI Surf.

Duration: 30 Minutes Pre-Requisite: SOTI MobiControl Administration Audience: Mobility & Network Admins