Want to Predict the Battery Lifecycles of Your Mobile Devices? You Can with the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard


On one hand, for 40% of IT decision-makers, battery lifecycles are a leading factor when selecting mobile devices for their organizations.

On the other, mid-shift mobile device battery failures impact nearly 80% of enterprises. And it’s more than just a nuisance – it’s costly:

Businesses understand the importance of maximizing battery lifecycles but aren’t doing it. This could be for several reasons, primarily a lack of visibility into battery health.

With the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard, you will know exactly how healthy your batteries are and be able to proactively replace them before they fail. To learn more, check out this video and keep reading.

SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard Video

Predict, Prevent, Protect

It’s a simple but valid equation: if batteries aren’t working, devices aren’t working, and if devices aren’t working, business isn’t operating.

The SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard gives you a current view into the battery health of your mobile deployments and a future look at expected performance that allows you to better manage your batteries:

  • Predict: Industries such as transportation and logistics (T&L) and healthcare operate on shifts. Having a battery fail right when a time-sensitive delivery is scheduled or during a critical appointment with a patient leads to a poor customer experience and potentially lost business. It happens more often than you realize: for every 10 shifts, mid-shift battery failure occurs 30% of the time. By predicting which batteries will fail, and when, organizations can reduce costly downtime
  • Prevent: According to the SOTI Sustainability Report, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink: From Discard Mentality to Tech Sustainability, 44% of mobile devices in the enterprise use replaceable batteries. However, only 33% of annual budgets are earmarked for replacing the batteries in those devices. Since so little is allocated to battery replacements, minimizing how often this occurs and how much it costs an organization is critical
  • Protect: Tracking battery lifecycles from deployment to retirement can help protect your business-critical mobile devices. See how they are being charged. Get battery health check updates on temperature, age, remaining capacity and more. By knowing what your batteries are doing, you will be able to protect and prolong their lives. You will also be doing your part to help the environment by keeping perfectly good and serviceable batteries out of landfills

With the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard, it’s like having access to next week’s lottery numbers before the draw is made. You will know which batteries are on the verge of failure and take proactive steps to replace them before it happens.

What Data Can the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard Collect?

From 2010 to 2020, mobile device innovation moved at incredible speeds:

  • 20x increase in cellular speed
  • 30x increase in Wi-Fi bandwidth
  • 34x increase in video resolution

However, battery performance did not keep up:

  • Only 2x increase in battery capacity
  • Only 5x increase in battery performance year-over-year

It is critical for an organization to get every dollar and drop out of its battery investments; and that is just what the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard helps with by serving up a wide range of information regarding your battery deployments, including:

  • Battery lasting shift: View which batteries will last today’s shift and a forecast of how long your batteries will last during selected shifts in the future
  • Battery age: View the age of your batteries since their first use within a device
  • Battery cycles: View the total number of charge cycles (the equivalent of a battery being drained to 0% and charged back to full) your batteries have undergone
  • Charge levels at select time: View battery charge levels at a selected time to see just how quickly they are being drained

You can even drill down and spotlight a single battery and gain insights into:

  • Top five app drain: Which user-installed apps are causing heavy battery drain
  • Charge patterns: View the charge patterns of single devices in three categories – full (charged to 100% and unplugged), past-full (charged to 100% and left plugged in) and spot (multiple top-up charging sessions)
  • Battery temperature: View battery temperature as normal (0°C – 35°C), too hot (>35°C), too cold (<0°C) or both (<0°C and >35°C)

Armed with this information, you will be able to make better, smarter, data-driven decisions regarding your batteries. For example, if a battery is running too hot, you can instruct the end user to simply place it in a cooler location. If a non-essential app is draining a battery much quicker than anticipated, delete the app from the device.

It’s easier, faster and better to know what is happening with your batteries as opposed to guessing and making blanket generalizations or taking blanket actions such as replacing them when it is not necessary.

Experience True Cost Savings

The average replacement battery costs $60 (USD) and 49% of enterprises have device fleets of 1,000 or more. In three years, 69% of enterprises will have device fleets of 1,000 or more.

Using 1,000 devices as a benchmark, the cost to replace all batteries is $60,000. When organizations have no insight into which batteries are in good health, they often end up replacing all of them as a preventative measure.

It’s effective but not efficient. It hurts the bottom line and damages the environment. With the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard, you will know exactly which batteries are on the verge of failure and can allocate the appropriate funds. Suddenly, a $60,000 expenditure decreases significantly.

How Does the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard Collect Data?

The SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard currently supports the following battery manufacturers:


Zebra Logo

Zebra devices with PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-N1 with more to be added

Bluebird Logo

Future releases of SOTI XSight

Here’s how it works:

A new plugin known as XT Socket is installed alongside the SOTI XSight agent. This plugin is responsible for integrating with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provided application programming interfaces (APIs) for battery data. XT Socket collects data and sends it to the SOTI XSight agent to store and submit to the server.

Some things to note:

  • XT Socket can be downloaded from the SOTI XSight technical documentation page and SOTI Central
  • SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl. Inside SOTI MobiControl, simply add the XT Socket Android Package (APK) to a package and assign it to a profile to deploy to devices
  • XT Socket can be deployed on Android 5+ devices
  • XT Socket collects battery data every 15 minutes and pushes it to the SOTI XSight agent. Data is retained for up to 12 months, allowing you to get a true, historical perspective on how, where and in which devices your batteries are being used

Try the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard Yourself

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