SOTI Year in Review 2023: SOTI SYNC, Groundbreaking Updates and More

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This past year was fueled with innovations, customer successes and stand-out events. Of course, none of it would have been possible without our customers, partners and employees.

Here is a look at some of the highlights of 2023.

The Return of SOTI SYNC

After four years, SOTI SYNC 23 returned and it quickly sold out.

Hosted in Munich, Germany, attendees had the opportunity to receive in-depth training from SOTI product experts. SOTI’s President and CEO, Carl Rodrigues and our SVP of Product Strategy, Shash Anand gave a keynote speech on how organizations need better visibility into the front lines of their business. Microsoft’s keynote looked at Generative AI. Partners such as Honeywell, Peak Technologies Inc., ncc guttermann and praedata joined us on stage to share their experiences and insights.


Attendees also got a sneak peek at the SOTI ONE Platform product roadmap. Top performing partners were recognized at the SOTI 2023 Partner Awards. Finally, SOTI SYNC 23 culminated with a fireside chat between Carl and legendary footballer and social entrepreneur Oliver Kahn.

Thanks to everyone who attended. We cannot wait to see everyone at the next SOTI SYNC.


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New Innovations to the SOTI ONE Platform

This year was packed with new features for the SOTI ONE Platform. The highlights:

New Customer Stories

We love our customers and these eight shared their SOTI success stories with us. Discover how the SOTI ONE Platform saved them time and money and how it can do the same for you.

TREK Customer Story

This bicycle manufacturer solved troubleshooting and security issues with SOTI MobiControl and SOTI XSight. Read Their Story

Boyner Customer Story

This retailer used SOTI MobiControl to reduce support calls by 90%. Read Their Story

TCC Customer Story

This transportation and logistics (T&L) company saved over $108,000 (USD) annually with SOTI MobiControl. Read Their Story

Askari Customer Story

This outdoor retailer reduced customer return time by 50% with SOTI MobiControl and SOTI Snap. Read Their Story

Steve Holmes Group Customer Story

This healthcare organization saved 120 hours on device updates using SOTI MobiControl. Read Their Story

Picnic Customer Story

This food delivery chain used SOTI MobiControl to save 70 working days of manual configuration. Read Their Story

Autogrill Customer Story

This food manufacturing company manages and profiles new devices to its POS system in minutes with SOTI MobiControl. Read Their Story

Consum Customer Story

This food manufacturing organization was able to optimize operations for six logistic platforms and more than 800 endpoints in the field with SOTI MobiControl. Read Their Story

New SOTI Reports

In 2023, SOTI released four reports looking at the complex issues businesses face, how they leverage technology today and what they need for the future to optimize their process and improve ROI:

The Tech Effect: Strengthening the Omnichannel to Meet Consumer Demands The Technology Lifeline: Charting Digital Progress in Healthcare When Work is Anywhere: Managing Technology’s Role in the Distributed Workforce Mobility in Motion: When Technology Transformation Meets Operational Intelligence

Collectively, SOTI interviewed over 17,000 respondents across the globe. They are the voices and insights of technology experts, business leaders and customers.

New Branding

In January, we changed the branding for all the products within the SOTI ONE Platform. We also changed the name of an existing product to SOTI Pulse. Quick quiz: Do you remember what SOTI Pulse used to be called? Answer at the bottom of this blog.

Winning Awards

We were honored to receive the following awards:

  • 2023 Convrt Awards
    • SOTI MobiControl: Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions
    • SOTI Snap: Automation Solutions

Special thanks to our customers who trust and rely on our products. And to our partners who promote and advocate for our products and solutions.

See You in 2024

Thank you all for an incredible 2023. From the return of SOTI SYNC to the biggest set of updates to the SOTI ONE Platform – and everything in between – it’s been quite the year.

Whatever 2024 brings, we can’t wait to explore its endless possibilities…together.

See you next year!

Answer: SOTI Pulse used to be called SOTI Central

*SOTI XSight Live View - Patent Pending