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Boyner Group is a retail company operating in Turkey, with five corporate groups and 8,000 employees working across almost 300 stores in an area of 350,000 square meters. Boyner offers many domestic and international brands in a variety of categories ranging from women’s, men’s, baby, teens’ active sportswear, shoes and accessories, through to cosmetics and home interior products.

The Challenge

Boyner uses almost 4,000 rugged devices in all stores, online and offline sales, as well as operations and logistics processes in the warehouse. The IT team was challenged with pushing out device updates manually, which became time-consuming with no device security in place. Additionally, there was an issue with lost and stolen handsets from the shop floor.

The new app, Boyner NOW, needed installing across 910 devices to manage transactions quickly and securely for delivery and payment at the door. Deployment of a mobile device would take two hours remotely and up to six hours with onsite support. When an application needed an update, the team had to manually set up the device again. Creating a lack of visibility into which application was downloaded and what it was being used for. The need for higher security and better device management became critical.

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The Solution

Boyner needed a scalable solution that allowed them to manage a range of different operating systems and a broad range of mobile devices securely. SOTI MobiControl was selected, providing automated updates that ensured minimal to no device downtime. SOTI MobiControl also has proven security capabilities which allows Boyner to handle payment transactions and sensitive consumer data.

Boyner now has a zero-touch solution that can be scaled up with its operations and facilitate application updates and configuration over-the-air to both existing and new devices in its fleet. With nearly 300 stores, the need for remote support to handle and manage in-store queries with devices was just one of their solution requirements that SOTI MobiControl achieves.

The Results

Lost and stolen rates decreased from 5% down to 0.1% thanks to device tracking and location services in SOTI MobiControl. Remote control enabled IT support calls to drop by 90%. Today, with SOTI MobiControl, application support calls and general device management issues take only three to four minutes per device, from a previous 25 minutes. This saves Boyner an average of nine hours of IT staff time per month.

SOTI MobiControl manages 910 devices which are used in payment systems of Boyner NOW, new application that promises delivery in 90 minutes. Human Resources is also maximizing the investment by pushing out mandatory training files and other company updates by file transfer in SOTI MobiControl.