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80% of healthcare leaders agree providing real-time services to their frontline healthcare workers is the #1 business priority.1

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Critical Technology, for Critical Care

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The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly reliant on mobile and IoT devices to revolutionize the delivery of patient care and improve health outcomes. Advancements in mobile device capabilities, and healthcare organizations’ technical infrastructure, have enabled medical practitioners to deploy devices to securely collect patient data, update patient records and assist in valuable research for gaining deeper insights into collected data.

Connected mobile technology is equally important in delivering quality in-home care. Patients expect fast and reliable service from their healthcare providers, and caregivers want to provide consistent quality care.

During times of extreme strain on the healthcare sector, especially if hospitals are experiencing supply shortages, ensuring patients can remain at home while still receiving the level of care they require, is the highest priority.

When quality of life, or even life itself is on the line, mobile technology means more than just devices in your care providers’ hands. New mobile technology, like smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, are being implemented to improve the speed of care and enhance the patient experience. Eliminating outdated, manual and paper processes allows caregivers to focus on their patients, improving the quality of their interactions and increasing the number of patients they can deliver care to.

Mobile devices and apps enable care providers to complete patient records digitally, perform triage and medication distribution, and enhance real-time communication between care providers and patients. But more mobile devices and apps means an increase in management complexity, including: security, remote support, app and content distribution, privacy and mobile device analytics. Combined with an integrated business-critical mobility strategy, it can enable your organization to realize operational efficiencies, see an increase in healthcare provider productivity, an improvement in patient satisfaction, and most importantly, it can help ensure your organizations is always safe and connected in times of crisis.

Why Manage Your Mobile Strategy with the SOTI ONE Platform?

  • Security

    Lockdown your managed devices anytime, anywhere, to maintain security, compliance and protect sensitive data.
  • Integration

    The SOTI ONE Platform secures and manages all mobile/IoT devices, operating systems and usages (BYOD, COBO, COPE).
  • Personalized

    SOTI works with you to develop and implement end-to-end management for all your essential mobility requirements.
  • Deployment

    Leverage SOTI MobiControl’s rich enrollment capabilities to rapidly deploy devices, content and apps.
  • Track Assets

    Workers and devices are on the go. Visibility into the location and status of these assets helps improve operations.

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