Four Enterprise Mobility Management Resolutions for 2024

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With a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. If one of your objectives is to improve your business-critical mobile operations for 2024, here are four resolutions you can set and keep with help from SOTI.

1. Use Real-Time Visibility into Operations to Unlock Deeper Intelligence and Make Smarter Business Decisions

In Mobility in Motion: When Technology Transformation Meets Operational Intelligence, 73% of organizations admit needing better operational intelligence to measure business mobility performance.

Consider SOTI XSight Live View.* It enables businesses to visualize their operations in real-time. With the Live View Map, companies can visualize the location of devices as they move in real-time. At the same time, they can also access business data from their own apps to see what is happening from an operations perspective.

Live View also offers a List View to allow the visualization of operations in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. Companies can also go back in time (up to two hours) and study situations at specific times to remedy issues and keep business operations running smoothly.

Live View enables businesses to visualize operations in real-time and access areas of intelligence to make smart, data-driven decisions. It visualizes how devices are performing and what the business is doing.

Using transportation and logistics (T&L) as an example, organizations get real-time answers to questions about cellular coverage, on-time deliveries, inventory status and driver behavior.

This scenario applies to almost any industry and the results are the same:

  • Visibility into the real-time location of devices
  • Access to device data for informed decision-making regarding device fleets
  • Access to business data to improve operational efficiencies

2. Adopt Remote Printer Management

Lacking the ability to remotely troubleshoot mobile and industrial printer problems is an issue. Shipping problematic printers back and forth adds time and cost to business operations. It increases the risk of damaged or lost printers. It also adds CO2 emissions to the environment as printers travel from the field to IT and back.

SOTI Connect provides enterprise-grade printer management from anywhere, enabling you to:

  • Replace time-consuming, manual deployment processes with fast, automatic printer deployments
  • Simplify printer security without the need and costs associated with having technicians on-site and taking the printer offline to update its security certificate
  • Proactively reduce downtime and maintenance costs by remotely monitoring the health of printers and performing corrective actions before big problems occur

The role of the printer is changing. Printers are equally important to business-critical mobile operations as smartphones and tablets. Resolving to utilize tools and technology for remote printer management results in greater printer efficiency, better performance and increased ROI.

3. Digitize Approval Workflow Processes

Make one of New Year’s Resolutions to transition away from pen and paper by digitizing workflow processes.

SOTI Snap Workflow eliminates the inefficiencies associated with paper-based approval forms: They’re easily misplaced (7.5% are lost forever) and expensive to replace (it costs $220 USD to reproduce a lost document).

Imagine a healthcare organization generating 1,000 paper documents monthly. Losing 7.5% incurs $16,500 spent monthly to reproduce them. Annually, it’s close to $200,000.

With Workflow, information can be submitted and approved via a SOTI Snap app. Data collection is digitized and approvers are informed when an approval task is pending.

4. Share Devices to Save Time, Save Money, Be Productive and Protect Data

Make saving money, maintaining productivity and enhancing security part of your New Year’s Resolutions by sharing devices among workers:

  • Save time: Workers can grab any device, smartphone, tablet or rugged device, log on with their credentials and begin work ASAP. There’s no need to wait for a specific device that’s loaded with the necessary apps and data for each employee. Any device that’s set up for sharing will have everything each employee needs to do their specific job.
  • Save money: The fewer devices an organization needs, the more money it saves. Industries like healthcare or T&L operate 24 hours a day via a three-shift schedule. You could buy one device for each employee. Or you could buy fewer devices and then share devices among workers once each shift ends and another begins.
  • Be productive: Quick access to apps, data and information will help with productivity because any worker can use any device at any time. In industries like transportation and logistics (T&L) or healthcare, where time is critical, waiting for a specific device can result in late deliveries or delayed patient care. With shared devices, things can get done faster.
  • Protect data: Device sharing isn’t data sharing. A retail store manager and floor worker sharing a device won’t view same information. The manager has access to everything the employee sees plus access to more information relevant to their role. They’re not accessing each other’s data, even though they’re using the same device.

Let SOTI Help You Keep Your Resolutions for 2024

Whatever your resolutions are for your business-critical mobile operations, SOTI can help you keep them. The SOTI ONE Platform has the tools you need to stay on track. Plus, our team of experts – and our suite of SOTI Services – are there to provide helpful guidance and support.


*SOTI XSight Live View - Patent Pending