SOTI Year in Review: By the Numbers

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As the year winds down, it is safe to say there may never be another year like it. COVID-19 has showed the world how vulnerable, yet truly connected, we really are.

Here at SOTI, we wanted it to be “business as usual” when it came to delivering the essential products and services you have come to rely on. Additionally, we made a commitment to continue to innovate and grow our culture, even as our 1,200+ employees were working from home around the globe.

Before heading into 2021, we are taking one last look at the key milestones we hit in 2020 by the numbers.

It is important to note that without our wonderful customers, dedicated partners and talented employees, none of this would have been possible in this historic year.

Thank you.



Out of the seven products of the SOTI ONE Platform, three of them received major updates in 2020:

  • SOTI Connect v1.2: Released in June, the latest version of SOTI Connect features support for limited access sensors, as well as the ability to send SMS messages to any SMS-enabled device around the world for instant notification when an issue is detected.

  • SOTI MobiControl v15.2: The latest version of SOTI MobiControl was released in August. Highlights include support for Android Corporate Personal device management for better separation between work and personal profiles. SOTI MobiControl also supports all Android Enterprise deployment configurations: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Corporately Owned, Single Use (COSU) and Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE). Meanwhile, an HTTP/2-based Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) provider API allows for faster requesting of Apple devices to check-in.

  • SOTI Assist v2.0: The newest version of SOTI Assist came out in August with the ability to capture point-in-time snapshots from all operating systems: Android, Apple, Windows and Linux. Snapshots eliminates the costly back and forth discussions between customers and developers by capturing all key device statistics and embedding them into a ticket. SOTI Assist also provides quick access to detailed device logs for shorter resolution times.



SOTI Connect now integrates with six original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of industrial barcode and RFID printers, retail receipt printers and mobile barcode/receipt printers. They are:



That’s how many followers we reached on the SOTI LinkedIn page.

It’s important to us to share content which helps businesses across all industries maximize their investments in mobile innovations.

And we won’t stop in 2021. You can expect even more information, ideas and insights you can use to take your business to endless possibilities. Join the conversation today on:


That is how many awards SOTI won in 2020:

There are many people to thank. First and foremost, our customers and partners who continue to use, advocate and promote our products. Each day, we aim to provide value, maximum return on investment (ROI) and the highest levels of innovation.

Special recognition must also be paid to the SOTI product development teams. Even during a global pandemic, which provided its own set of collaboration challenges, they worked together to deliver truly game-changing and innovative solutions.



This year saw the introduction of SOTI XTreme Technology, which can be found inside SOTI MobiControl.

SOTI XTreme Technology enables organizations to drastically reduce the time it takes to distribute data and apps, and to synchronize files, to managed mobile devices out in the field.

This is done in two ways:

  • SOTI XTreme Hub: SOTI XTreme Hub communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl from distributed locations to received data and app transfers, rather than sending individual updates to individual Android devices.1

  • Network and Compression Optimization: SOTI XTreme Technology leverages sophisticated compression and network optimization technologies to deliver data at speeds more than 10X faster than competitive products.



This is the number of global industry reports SOTI launched in 2020. In chronological order of release:

We spoke to over 5,000 people across three continents and collected over 100 individual data points to better understand and illustrate the importance of mobility in these key industries.

And that’s just the start. In 2021, we plan on releasing even more global reports looking at the current state of mobility and what lies ahead. Stay tuned.



After 19 years of service, SOTI Pocket Controller has entered into a well-earned retirement.

The precursor to SOTI MobiControl and SOTI Assist, SOTI Pocket Controller allowed organizations to remotely control and provide real-time support to mobile devices before things like smartphones and tablets were commonplace.

SOTI Pocket Controller was truly ahead of its time when it came to remote support for mobile devices. And now, it’s off into the sunset and enjoying a richly deserved retirement.



The launch of SOTI Aerospace ushers in a new era as SOTI partners with top researchers, scientists and engineers from around the world to advance aerial drone and robotics research.

SOTI Aerospace’s initial focus will be on how drone technology can benefit the healthcare sector as well as mission-critical search and rescue operations.

The world is just scratching the surface when it comes to the possibilities of drone technology. SOTI Aerospace is committed to maximizing drone capabilities and their impact on the world in which we live, work and play.

And that can’t really be measured by numbers.



SOTI was founded in 1995 and 2020 marked our 25th year of managing mobility for businesses of any size, in any industry and in any country. That is a quarter-century of leadership, innovation, quality and service.



It feels like just yesterday we were ushering in the new millennium (remember Y2K?). And now, we are about to enter its third decade.

Whatever 2021 has in store, we look forward to the endless possibilities.

See you next year!

  1. SOTI XTreme Hub is only available to customers who subscribe to SOTI Premium Plus or Enterprise Plus Service