Limit your business’ downtime with SOTI Assist

Network connectivity and application software are the leading causes of mobile device failure, which causes nearly 2 hours of downtime per incident on average. An interruption of even one poorly performing application per shift can translate into almost $20,000 worth of support and lost productivity per mobile worker annually. SOTI Assist is a mobile-first diagnostic help desk solution with integrated remote control, diagnostic capabilities and EMM tools. It allows expert technicians to remotely diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve any issues relating to a device or application within a business’ network, helping to limit downtime and loss of revenue by ensuring your workers’ devices are back up and running quickly.

What can SOTI Assist do for you?

  • Fix problems
    anywhere, anytime

  • Increase first call
    resolution rate

  • Improve help-desk utilization

Features and Capabilites

  • Industry-leading Remote Support
  • Broad Mobile Device Support
  • Multi-platform Support
  • Intelligent Ticket Management
  • SOTI ONE Integration
  • Unified Self Service Portal

Your mobile workforce is critical to the success of your business. SOTI Assist keeps them up and running. Help desk technicians can use remote view, remote control, and file sync to fix device and app problems quickly.

Remote control/view devices from over 170 OEMs

You want the freedom to choose which devices are best for your company. SOTI Assist can remote view / remote control devices from over 170 hardware manufacturers (OEMs).

Your business uses different devices and operating systems for different functions. SOTI Assist delivers the industry's best remote control for Android, Linux and Windows devices as well as remote view for iOS devices.

Define service level agreements (SLAs) based on ticket severity, and view status of tickets in a dashboard view

Your help desk technicians need tools to make remote support easier. SOTI Assist includes an integrated ticketing system to create, manage, tag, prioritize, filter and search for incidents. Define your service level agreements (SLAs) based on ticket severity, and view status of tickets in a dashboard view.

Your help desk technicians need detailed information about device settings and configurations to fix device problems. SOTI Assist automatically requests detailed device and app information from SOTI MobiControl to make problem resolution faster.

Empower your mobile workers to help themselves. SOTI Assist allows users to initiate, update and monitor their support tickets.

SOTI Assist Resources

  • SOTI Assist Brochure

    SOTI Assist Brochure

  • SOTI Assist Datasheet

    SOTI Assist Datasheet

  • More than Just Remote Support

    More than Just Remote Support

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