Introducing SOTI Assist v2.0

IT worker looking at dual computer monitors with SOTI Assist displayed on them

With remote work on the rise – since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 60% of U.S. employees1 and 40% of Canadian employees2 are working away from the office – the era of physically bringing a problematic smartphone or tablet to IT or tech support, is over.

Instead, we are in the age where identifying and resolving mobile device issues remotely – and quickly – is more important than ever.

The evolution of the industry’s first mobile diagnostic and troubleshooting help desk solution: SOTI Assist v2.0 continues to be a focus inside SOTI. As a team, we have been committed to:

  • Fixing mobile device problems anywhere, at anytime

  • Increasing first-call resolution rates to resolve mobile device issues

  • Improve help desk utilization and worker productivity when solving the challenges remote workers face in the field and on the road to resolve their mobility challenges

Let’s look at the new capabilities and advantages of SOTI Assist v2.0.


Multi-OS Device Snapshots

Large Apple laptop computer screen displaying SOTi Assist

SOTI Assist, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, already includes Device Snapshot which allows administrators and help desk agents to instantly view rich device details such as:

  • Battery life
  • Memory usage
  • Security compliance policies
  • Deployed apps
  • Storage capacity

This gives device administrators instant access to the exact settings and configurations of a device when the issue occurred. The best part? It requires no end user intervention whatsoever.

And now, this capability is available across all operating systems.

So, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy running Android, an Apple iPad running iPadOS, or any other Windows or Linux3 devices, Device Snapshot lets you download a point-in-time “snapshot” of the device settings from right within the incident ticket.


Detailed Device Logs

The average internal support team receives an average of 492 tickets per month.4

Man holding an Apple tablet with SOTI Assist detailed device logs displayed on screen

That means 492 separate incident tickets are created and countless hours are spent combing through device logs to identify what a device was doing when it went down – and that’s assuming your support teams have the ability to access device logs.

With detailed device logs in SOTI Assist v2.0, you can jump straight into diagnosing and troubleshooting without the need to create an incident ticket.

Get in-depth reports on important hardware and software actions that are generated and stored on mobile devices. Administrators and help desk agents can download device logs from within a standalone remote control session without having to open a SOTI Assist incident ticket.

This means:

  • Faster access to real-time device logs
  • Shorter resolution times by providing critical data to support technicians when they need it
  • Better optimization of issue intake, escalation and resolution workflows


Additional Support for Irregular Device Skins and Displays

Not all devices are the same and you likely have more than a few device types and form factors throughout your mobile device fleet. Some have curved screens while others are squared. Some have notches for the camera on the front of the device while others have it on the back.

When controlling and interacting with devices remotely, help desk agents can deliver a better support experience when they have the same view of the screen layout that the end user has, and not just an approximate representation.

SOTI Assist v2.0 gives additional support for irregular device skins. Help desk teams gain a better understanding of how the problem appears to the end user, and ensures a true mirrored experience as opposed to looking and feeling like they’re working with an emulator.


Other Features of SOTI Assist v2.0

  • Improved support for load balanced deployments: Changes have been made to the SOTI Assist Installer and the Admin Console to automate and streamline the installation of SOTI Assist to deliver better and more reliable performance for all sizes of deployments.

  • Show/hide dashboard charts: Easily display SOTI Assist dashboard charts when you need to view your incident list and easily hide them when you don’t, making it easier to manage your dashboard for more efficient incident management.

  • Single click check-in and snapshot refresh: SOTI Assist v2.0 features a single button you can click to refresh and retrieve real-time Device Snapshot information and to check-in with SOTI MobiControl.

  • Security enhancements: SOTI Assist supports Global Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) which prevents unintended users from accessing or modifying system parameters and information.


Learn More About SOTI Assist

Contact us anytime for more information about SOTI Assist v2.0. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and even provide a free demo.

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