SOTI: At Your Service

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Service. That’s a very important word here at SOTI.

It’s more than resolving any technical issues you may have with the products of the SOTI ONE Platform in a timely manner. SOTI Services are dedicated to helping you maximize your investment in our solutions and, by extension, the effectiveness and efficiency of your mobile device deployments.

That means giving you customized, anytime access to:

  • Experts ready to learn about your business needs and who will be your voice inside SOTI whenever you have questions, comments or suggestions.

  • Flexible, role-based training to fast-track your team to smartly and successfully use SOTI MobiControl.

  • Comprehensive services to optimize the deployment of your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.

  • Software services which let you unlock the full capabilities of SOTI MobiControl and its impact on your business.

  • Support services to help take your mobility strategy to new heights and incredible possibilities.

Exceptional service is not just good value. It is the foundation on which we build long-term relationships with successful customers like you.

There are three elements which make up SOTI Services. Let’s take a closer look at them.


SOTI Premium Service and SOTI Enterprise Service

The moment you become a SOTI customer, you are automatically enrolled into Standard Support with 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (local time) availability.

But if you really want to receive top-notch service, insights and guidance which gives you the most out of your SOTI solution, you should upgrade to SOTI Premium Service and SOTI Enterprise Service.

SOTI Premium Service is made for organizations with up to 500 device deployments, while SOTI Enterprise Service is for organizations with 501 and above device deployments.

No matter which service offering your business falls under, you have access to two distinct components designed to keep your mobile devices – and the workers who rely on them – up and running.


SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service

Please refer to the service comparison table and brochures available below for details in regard to SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service.

Software Services

Cutting-edge technology and tools your business can use to save time and money. Picture the following:

  • Deploying critical apps and data to remote devices 10X faster than before with SOTI MobiControl XTreme Hub Technology.1

  • Always understanding what is happening inside SOTI MobiControl and getting detailed insights to fine tune your system with the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard.2

  • Simulating loads and app distribution to test new versions of SOTI MobiControl before you migrate or upgrade through Device Simulation and Testing Services.3

  • To improve user security, SOTI Identity Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) allows administrators to configure MFA for its users. SOTI Identity offers MFA via one-time password (OTP) by email or through MFA providers Google Authenticator and Duo Security.4

Support Services

Customized guidance to strengthen the business impact and effectiveness of your mobile deployments. Imagine what you could do with:

  • Free Trial Access to the SOTI ONE Platform where you can test drive and become familiar with all of SOTI’s products without making any obligation or commitment.5

  • A Quarterly Business Review  and Yearly Health Check which reports on your SOTI production environment’s performance and provides detailed recommendations for improvement.6

  • Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) providing as much guidance as you need to upgrade to the latest version of your SOTI software with Unlimited Assisted Product Upgrades.7

  • Exclusive Access to SOTI’s Webcast Series where you will get a first-hand look at new features, technical training to help you maximize your investment and the opportunity to ask your questions to a myriad of SOTI product experts.

  • Discounted (15%) Passes to SOTI SYNC, SOTI’s annual user and partner conference.8

You are also able to tap into a wide array of service features designed to limit downtime, such as your very own customer portal and anytime access to multilingual SOTI product experts.9

It’s all part of SOTI’s commitment to ensuring you maximize your mobility investment.

Want to learn more? Visit the SOTI Premium Service and SOTI Enterprise Service page. You can also check out the following resources:


  • SOTI Premium Service and SOTI Enterprise Service Comparison Table Icon

    View a detailed service comparison table

  • Download the SOTI Premium Service Brochure

    SOTI Premium Service Brochure

  • Download the SOTI Enterprise Service Brochure

    SOTI Enterprise Service Brochure


SOTI Professional Services

When you need to implement and optimize the deployment of your EMM solution quickly, but don’t have the in-house bandwidth or expertise to make it happen, SOTI Professional Services has you covered.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Rapid Implementation Service: Your on-premise instance of SOTI MobiControl is up and running in days, not weeks or months.

  • Migration Services: We will migrate your entire EMM solution, or just the underlying SQL server database, with little disruption to your business.

  • Version Upgrade Service: Updating SOTI MobiControl from all previous versions without significantly impacting your operations.

  • Test Server Setup Service: Simplifying the rollout of SOTI MobiControl through careful planning, deployment, and configuration of an on-premise or cloud-based test server.

  • Advanced Certificate Integration Service: Provisioning certificates to mobile devices so your remote workforce can access internal resources, data and content, safely and securely.

Need more information? Download the SOTI Professional Services Brochure today.


SOTI Academy

The fastest, most effective way to become familiar with your SOTI solution is through SOTI Academy: a training service which connects your staff to a comprehensive, role-based curriculum they can learn at their own pace.

There are three main reasons to enroll in SOTI Academy:

  • On-Demand Training: Take and re-take courses anytime to learn or brush up on your knowledge of SOTI MobiControl.

  • Accelerated Teaching Methodology: Courses are delivered to maximize their impact and effectiveness with product demonstrations and scheduled quizzes.

  • Role-Based Curriculum: IT admin? Sales manager? Help desk agent? Whatever your role, SOTI Academy provides flexible training ranging from basic concepts to advanced applications.

Want to know more? Visit the SOTI Academy page for a list of available courses. You can also download the SOTI Academy Brochure for even more information, including details on the SOTI Academy Video Series.


Have Questions? We Want to Hear From You

If you are already a SOTI customer and want to learn more about SOTI Services, just reach out to your SOTI sales account representative.

If you are new to SOTI and want to know more about how your business benefits from SOTI Premium Service and SOTI Enterprise Service, SOTI Professional Services and SOTI Academy, simply contact us with your questions or comments. We will get back to you ASAP with the answers and information you need.

  • Available in SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service, are additional offerings from SOTI Premium Service and Enterprise Service.
  1. SOTI MobiControl XTreme Hub Technology is built into SOTI MobiControl and is not a separate product
  2. Available January 2021
  3. Available February 2021
  4. Available January 2021
  5. SOTI Premium Service offers a 3-month free trial to the SOTI ONE Platform. SOTI Enterprise Service offers a 6-month free trial to the SOTI ONE Platform
  6. Quarterly Business Review and Yearly Health Check are separate Support Services Components. Available in SOTI Enterprise Service only
  7. Available in SOTI Enterprise Service only
  8. 15% discount available for up to five passes to SOTI SYNC
  9. Based on availability of resources: English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Italian