iOS 12 Breathes New Life into the Enterprise

person using phone

Every fall, like clockwork, Apple introduces new devices and a new version of iOS. With this year’s release of iOS 12, Apple focused on security and performance while further improving some crucial features released last year with iOS 11 and 11.3.


A major highlight of the iOS 12 release is its performance enhancements. iOS 12 is faster than any previous iOS version. Apple promises that it launches apps 40 percent faster, even when running multiple processes, opens the keyboard up 50% faster, and launches the camera app 70% faster.


Enterprise customers welcome the iOS 12 performance updates like an oasis in the desert.  They are delighted to learn that all the performance improvements will allow iOS 12 to support older iOS devices, including devices up to five years old (iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 2), extending the life of their older iPhones and iPads and increasing the ROI of their capital expenditure.


In addition to performance gains, iOS 12 brings a bundle of security and business-focused features which enterprises have been demanding.  New and notable features include:


  • OAuth improvement – Open Authorization (OAuth) support in the native iOS mail app was launched with iOS 11. iOS 12 allows IT administrators, to configure OAuth support for email accounts in the iOS native mail app.
  • Securing passwords – iOS 12 includes improved password management on supervised devices. IT administrators are now able to prevent supervised devices from sharing passwords via AirDrop, block Wi-Fi password requests from nearby Apple devices and prevent password autofill.
  • Notifications Management – IT administrators can specify how app notifications are grouped and which apps can issue critical notifications (i.e., notifications that ignore Do Not Disturb or ringer settings).

There are also some new and exciting consumer features included in the iOS 12 release. Features such SMS security code autofill, memojis, screen-time monitoring, and a measure app, which make iOS 12 a joy to use, and a must upgrade.

Apple iOS 12 is a big step forward for securing corporate and personal devices and data. It makes iOS devices faster than ever while extending the usable life of older iOS devices. New enterprise features put more control in the hands of the IT administrator and build a strong case for choosing iOS devices for your enterprise.


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