Guess who has the best Mobile Device Management


SOTI does, that’s who

That’s right, for the second year in a row SOTI MobiControl has been named Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine. The best Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in a straight up, head-to-head contest against the competition.


Most tech companies thrive on awards and accolades, and SOTI is no exception. However, we find awards such as PC Mag’s more satisfying than the others. Every year, the industry sees dozens of different analyst reports, grids, and quadrants that compare things like a company’s vision and strategy against their ability to execute. These reports praise high-headcount companies with deep pockets, but punish start-ups and scale-ups with innovative vision and kick-ass products.


Product reviews are different. Big or small doesn’t matter — the best product wins. SOTI is proud of the innovation and quality in our award-winning MDM solution, and MDM is just part of the story. SOTI MobiControl is a full-featured Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that includes application and content management as well as IoT endpoint management. After two decades in the market, we know that our solution is better than our competitor’s, and guess what, PC Magazine agrees.


So, what are the features and benefits that gave SOTI MobiControl a 2018 Editors’ Choice award?


1. SOTI MobiControl eliminates mobile downtime

True to its heritage, SOTI MobiControl delivers the industry’s best remote support capabilities. Remote control, file sync and 2-way chat make remote troubleshooting of device and app problems quick and painless. In addition, SOTI recently launched SOTI Assist, the industry’s first help desk solution that is ‘purpose-built” to fix mobile device problems.

"No other product in this roundup had this kind of remote device control."

2. SOTI MobiControl secures and manages everything

SOTI has always been the leader for managing special-purpose devices used in industry. When business mobility is critical to the success of a company, they need SOTI MobiControl for the security and management of their business-critical mobility. SOTI MobiControl delivers the industry’s broadest device and OS support. Securing and managing Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and most recently Linux-based mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints.

“SOTI MobiControl continues to provide the ability to manage remote printers and Windows CE devices, adding a wide range of vertical market-specific hardware to the typical stable of mobile phones and tablets. With this release, they've added significant support for Linux-based devices of any form factor, including desktops down to miscellaneous Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints.”

3. SOTI MobiControl makes mobile device management easy

SOTI MobiControl includes a re-designed user interface that is optimized for large business mobility and IoT deployments. It provides faster, more flexible search capabilities and real-time information about all devices and endpoints. The new UI improves the effectiveness and efficiency of IT staff at managing large, mixed device, mixed use case device deployments.

“This new version of SOTI MobiControl has updated the user interface (UI) to a modern, device-centric design with a search tool as the primary way of finding things. That's a marked difference from the tree-view inherent in some of the competition.”

These benefits and the reputation for having the best Android mangement available are what makes SOTI MobiControl “the best MDM tool on the market.” But being the best MDM tool is just the beginning. After two decades of business, SOTI has learned a lot about what kind of solutions companies need to support their business-critical mobility. Recently, the company launched the SOTI ONE platform, an integrated suite of mobility and IoT solutions. SOTI ONE keeps your workers working, builds your apps faster and manages your business-critical mobile devices and IoT endpoints.


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