Begin Your Digital Transformation with SOTI Snap at SOTI SYNC 23

Begin Your Digital Transformation with SOTI Snap at SOTI SYNC 23

It’s been a while but we are excited that SOTI’s annual partner and user conference, SOTI SYNC is returning. Taking place at the Westin Grand in historic Munich from September 26 to 28 (and during Oktoberfest, no less).

The theme of SOTI SYNC 23 is INTELLIGENCE. Discover the upcoming tools, technologies and trends that will shape the industry for years to come. Join SOTI for three action-packed days to:

SOTI SYNC Celebrate Image SOTI SYNC Preview Image SOTI SYNC Learn Image SOTI SYNC Network Image

…the achievements of partners and customers

…SOTI’s innovative product roadmap

…directly from SOTI product experts

…with people who can help grow your business


Your SOTI SYNC conference pass also gets you into an exclusive Bavarian Fun Night being held in Löwenbräu Beer Hall. Don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind evening of entertainment at one of the world’s oldest breweries.

That’s what awaits you at SOTI SYNC 23, and we can’t wait to see you there.


Mired in Paper? Learn How SOTI Snap Speeds Up Your Digital Transformation

Germany was home to Johannes Gutenberg, who famously developed the moveable-type printing press in the mid-1400s. His invention revolutionized how information was recorded and shared via paper and printing.

So, it’s apt that, in Germany at SOTI SYNC 23, you will learn how to move beyond the speed and limitations of paper to kickstart your digital transformation with SOTI Snap.

Manual pen-and-paper processes are too slow, expensive and unreliable. Think about how many paper forms your organization fills out in a day and ask yourself the following:

  • Are they all filled out correctly?
  • Are they all legible?
  • Are they all stored properly and easy to find when needed?

Chances are, they aren’t.

Digitizing your paper-based forms doesn’t have to be a costly, time-consuming process either. In the SOTI SYNC session, Go From Paper to Digital…In a Snap! How SOTI Snap’s Newest Capabilities Can Help You Digitize Your Legacy Business Processes, you will learn just how easy digitization can be. Stop wrestling with mountains of hard-to-read, misplaced or inaccurate paper documents and begin your digital transformation at SOTI SYNC 23.



Go From Paper to Digital…In a Snap!

How SOTI Snap’s Newest Capabilities Can Help You Digitize Your Legacy Business Processes


Approvals are essential in driving business productivity. But manual approvals are fraught with risk:

  • They can be lost or misplaced (especially if they are paper-based)
  • They can be misunderstood if the approval request is captured incorrectly (is the approval request for 1,000 storage units or 10,000 storage units?)
  • They can be sent to the wrong person, who may not see it or know what to do with it

If you’re chasing or waiting for approvals, especially if they’re time sensitive, productivity can grind to a halt, leaving you with a competitive disadvantage.

In Clear Your Approval Bottlenecks: Optimize and Automate Approval Workflows with SOTI Snap, you’ll be introduced to SOTI Snap Workflow, a game-changing new tool which optimizes and automates your approval processes. Discover how easy – and beneficial – it is to ensure the right approval requests are sent to the right people at the right time.



Clear Your Approval Bottlenecks:

Optimize and Automate Approval Workflows with SOTI Snap


These sessions will be hands-on, interactive and informative. You’ll see SOTI Snap in action as it transforms stacks of unmanageable paper into accurate, digital data you can access anywhere at any time. You’ll discover how SOTI Snap digitizes never-ending, back-and-forth and manual processes that can grind your operations to a halt. And you can ask your presenters questions during the session.


Digitize and Streamline Manual Business Processes in a Snap with SOTI Snap

SOTI Snap is the cross-platform solution that enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps to replace paper-based processes by using the data-capturing capabilities (camera, video recording, barcode scanning, etc.) of your mobile devices. With SOTI Snap, the challenges with manual, paper-based processes are eliminated and you can accelerate their digital transformation in a variety of ways:

Drag and drop image gif
Centralize and Streamline Manual Business Processes gif
Create cross-platform mobile apps gif
Rapid Digitization of Paper-Based Processes
Centralize and Streamline Manual Business Processes
Create Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Automatically

Use drag and drop widgets to expedite the transition from paper to digital and cut costly, time-consuming bottlenecks.

Connect workflow-automated tasks to reduce errors, improve transparency and accountability while increasing efficiencies.

Create apps for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Push apps to devices instantly and reduce deployment delays.


There’s no product quite like SOTI Snap, and there’s no better place to become immersed in the features, benefits and value it brings your business than at SOTI SYNC 23.



In addition to the sessions listed above, you can experience SOTI Snap yourself in a variety of ways:


The SOTI SYNC app will be built with SOTI Snap. With it, you can view your agenda, look up sponsor details and speaker bios, get more information on local attractions and receive event alerts and updates. You can also provide real-time feedback about the sessions you attend.

Hands-On SOTI Snap Lab

See how easy it can be to digitize your manual pen-and-paper processes by building your own SOTI Snap apps. Our hands-on lab lets you try SOTI Snap for yourself. Whether you’re already experienced with SOTI Snap or a first-time user, we’ll have product experts on-site to guide you and answer any of your questions.


SOTI SYNC 23 gathers SOTI partners and users together for three days of inspiration, insights and information:

SOTI SYNC is your only chance to hear from industry experts, see the future of mobile technology, touch the products that add value to your organization and, of course, smell and taste – and experience – the joy that is Munich during Oktoberfest.

We can’t wait to see you there!