The Top 5 Ways to Elevate Your Mobility Strategy

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  • You know SOTI MobiControl, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that provides full control and visibility into your business-critical mobile devices. But how familiar are you with how SOTI MobiControl integrates into the SOTI ONE Platform and provides you with the ability to solve other business-critical issues? What if we told you that you could also:

    • Switch to paperless systems and automate paper-based processes to gain more time in your day
    • Gain valuable diagnostic and organizational intelligence insights to make better business decisions
    • Take control of your business-critical printers and avoid downtime
    • Take the guesswork out of security by enabling simple and secure access to SOTI MobiControl and other SOTI products
    • Tap into a central repository of knowledge and information

    In the next five minutes, we’re going to show you exactly how you can do this and more. Keep reading to discover the top five advantages of leveraging the SOTI ONE Platform to take control of your mobility strategy today.

    Look Beyond the Mobility Management of SOTI MobiControl

    SOTI MobiControl is the most well-known SOTI product in the market today, providing organizations with full lifecycle device management, express enrollment and provisioning, geolocation features, advanced connected or networked device management, flexible deployments and more. SOTI MobiControl provides a way for customers to secure devices and endpoints through their entire lifecycle.

    However, SOTI MobiControl isn’t the only SOTI product on the market and when integrated with the SOTI ONE Platform, it becomes a more powerful tool for mobile business operations. Let’s take a deeper dive into the SOTI ONE Platform, the integrated solution that global companies trust to reduce overall costs, complexities and downtime for their mobile operations.

    #1: Embrace Paperless Systems that YOU Create Through SOTI Snap

    Developing an app may seem like a daunting and expensive endeavor, especially if you don’t have in-house technical expertise to assist with the undertaking. But with SOTI Snap, you can build mobile apps quickly and cost-efficiently, without the need for any specialized resources. SOTI Snap’s simple drag-and-drop solution allows your organization to deploy an app in mere hours instead of weeks or months.

    • Go paperless and get rid of manual data entry and paper-and-pen processes for good.
    • Create workflows that help you reduce administrative hours.
    • Make employee check-ins easier.

    All of this can be done with SOTI Snap.

    Since SOTI Snap integrates with the SOTI ONE Platform you can create unique Line of Business (LOB) apps that will also incorporate device management and help desk capabilities so that you can do more with less.

    See how APM, a municipal waste management company based in Potsdam-Mittelmark, German, used SOTI Snap to reduce the administrative workload for each of their drivers by at least 15-20 minutes per day (resulting in a time saving of over 30 hours every day). Contact us to see how SOTI Snap could help you.

    #2: Access Operational and Diagnostic Intelligence through SOTI XSight

    What would it do for your organization if you could:

    • Understand how and when apps are being used
    • See which apps or devices are consuming extra data
    • Create customized metrics to monitor your devices and be notified of issues as they happen so you can resolve them quickly and efficiently
    • See what batteries are not lasting a full shift

    With SOTI XSight, the diagnostic intelligence solution that supercharges SOTI MobiControl, you can do all this and more. SOTI XSight helps solve organizational challenges like downtime frequency, issues identification, issue reporting and battery lifecycle management. As part of the SOTI ONE Platform, SOTI XSight works to remotely diagnose your devices as if they were in your hands, provides real-time visibility into your business-critical mobile operations and allows you to proactively address any issues before they become problems.

    In addition, with the Smart Battery Dashboard you can save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost productivity, battery replacements and other costly headaches just by knowing the health of your batteries and the ability to and proactively replace them before they fail.

    Check out the informative video below and reach out to us with your SOTI XSight questions or to find out how you can implement this product into your organization.

    Introducing SOTI XSight Video

    #3: Take Control of Your Printers with SOTI Connect

    There are so many printer types out there for so many different areas of business, from warehouse printers to delivery truck printers, to point of sale (POS) terminals and more. Printers are an essential part of business-critical operations today. When you consider that 90% of companies don't know how many printers they have and add in the fact that around 60% of businesses lose data through printer security breaches, printer management can become a real challenge.

    The good news is printer management doesn’t need to be that painful. A seamless and secure way to deploy, manage, update, secure and troubleshoot your business-critical printers is through SOTI Connect. Let’s see how SOTI Connect solves four of the top headaches associated with internet enabled, mobile or industrial printers:

    Introducing SOTI XSight Video

    With SOTI Connect, you can take control of your printers, support and manage your printers quickly and remotely. In fact, SOTI Connect even lets you predict and prevent issues before they occur, regardless of your printer make, model or protocol.

    Check out our SOTI Connect for Printers brochure today and contact us with any questions.

    #4: Enable Simple and Secure Access with SOTI Identity

    When you consider that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are made possible by human error, sometimes it makes sense to take the guesswork out of the process and invest in something that enables simple and secure access to your suite of solutions.

    SOTI Identity, a centralized cloud-hosted authentication and authorization service, validates user credentials for the SOTI ONE Platform to confirm the authenticity of your users before access is granted. SOTI Identity grants secure access to the products within the SOTI ONE Platform, including SOTI Snap, SOTI MobiControl, SOTI XSight, SOTI Connect and SOTI Central. Single sign-on and role management ensures that users can access only the data that they’ve been granted. You can also monitor your users’ activities and flag when unusual activity occurs, such as unsuccessful login attempts, changes on apps, users and directories and more.

    Got questions about SOTI Identity? Contact us today.

    #5: Collaborate with Ease through SOTI Central

    Have a question about SOTI MobiControl? Want to see if someone else has asked a similar question about a SOTI product or solution? Want to learn more about what SOTI Snap can do for your business, how you can maximize SOTI XSight or how to make the most of SOTI Connect? Maybe you want to share a solution that you’ve just come across, catch up on industry news, or look at what other solutions are out there to help you solve a business challenge you’re facing.

    The answer is at your fingertips. SOTI Central, an online community of SOTI product and service users, makes it easy for you to connect with other customers, communicate and collaborate with our product experts, and get your fix of industry news – all from one central location! With SOTI Central, you can engage meaningfully with the community through interactive forums and discussion boards, ask questions and share answers about products or solutions with customers and partners from around the world. Check out in-depth, easy-to-consume technical articles or step-by-step instructions on resolving issues you may be experiencing.

    Check out SOTI Central today and get the most out of your mobility deployments.

    Discover the Power of the SOTI ONE Platform

    There is ONE solution to solve all your business-critical issues. We’ve shared the top five things you can do to take control of your mobile and connected or networked device strategy so that everyone in your organization can work smarter, not harder. By accessing simpler, smarter, more reliable mobile and connected or networked device operations, you can eliminate downtime, break down silos, and deliver actionable insights to make you more profitable, more streamlined and more efficient.

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Diagnostic intelligence. Rapid app development. IoT management. Secure access. Collaboration at your fingertips.

    It’s all part of the SOTI ONE Platform: the integrated solution global companies trust to reduce the cost, complexity and downtime of their business-critical mobile operations.

    To learn more about the SOTI ONE Platform: