Spring Cleaning Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy


When it comes to spring cleaning the house (something 59% of people do), the best way to approach it is one room at a time. As each room is tidied, out-of-date papers and unwanted knick-knacks are discarded to make room for newer, more purposeful items. Once spring cleaning is complete, a whopping 94% of people say they feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

The room-by-room approach works for pretty much any home, no matter how big or how small. If you take the same approach to your business-critical mobile operations, you can give it a solid spring cleaning too.

Your Business-Critical Mobile Operations: A House with Many Rooms

At home, your front hall may connect to your living room, which may connect to your kitchen, which may connect to your home office. They work together to help you navigate from one place to another, which is easier to do when they’re clean and organized.

Now, look at your mobile deployments and how interconnected they are with each other. You build and deploy business-critical apps onto the managed mobile devices your remote workers use. When there’s an issue with those apps or devices, you rely on diagnostic intelligence to remotely solve the problem and minimize downtime. Should there be a need to print important documents or labels, you do so through Internet-enabled printers which you manage and monitor. You access it all through a secure, convenient portal and just like your home, it’s much easier to do when it’s neat and tidy.

Want to see how you can clean and organize your enterprise mobility strategy and mobile device deployments? Check out the following infographic or scroll below to find out.

Spring Cleaning Infographic

The Best Way to Spring Clean Your Business-Critical Enterprise Mobility Strategy? One Step At A Time

Think about all aspects of your business-critical mobile strategy. You have data collection, app development, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), remote support, Internet of Things (IoT) management, collaboration processes and more.

Some of those elements may not be as clean as they could be. For example, it may take you months to develop an app which your organization needs in days.

But with the SOTI ONE Platform you can spring clean your enterprise mobility and keep it working smartly for years to come:

  • Identify and recycle old batteries: Having old, unreliable batteries in your fleet of mobile devices isn’t very efficient and blindly discarding them doesn’t help the environment either. SOTI XSight gives you visibility into which batteries are healthy and which ones are not. By knowing which batteries need replacing, you can save your organization money by only purchasing the ones you need. Do your part to save the planet since recycling batteries has a 90% smaller ecological footprint compared to throwing them away and manufacturing new ones.

Get Cleaning. Get Organized. Get Going with the SOTI ONE Platform

If this is the year to clean up your business-critical mobile operations, the best way to do so is with the SOTI ONE Platform.

And the best way to start is with a FREE, no obligation, 30-day trial of the SOTI ONE Platform or by scheduling a FREE product demo where we’ll walk you through the SOTI ONE Platform.