SOTI Leads The Way Globally With The Most Google Android Enterprise Certified Experts


SOTI is pleased to announce that we have the most Android Enterprise Certified Experts, helping customers in all industries with their Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) needs at SOTI versus any other partner.

What does it mean for your business? Check out the video below to learn more:

SOTI and Google Video

What Does It Mean For You?

Android™ is a leading and trusted operating system as 77% of U.S.-based multinational firms prefer Android devices. Also, enterprises who invest in Android experience 8% fewer mobile phishing incidents and 5% fewer issues integrating mobile devices with backend systems.

Because organizations are so reliant on Android-powered devices – and because the speed of business only gets faster – there is simply no time for downtime and no time to hunt for answers to your Android questions or solutions to your Android issues. You need available experts who are ready to help.

That’s where the Android Enterprise Certified Experts at SOTI come in. By using SOTI MobiControl – part of the SOTI ONE Platform – you ensure your Android devices are safe, secure, monitored and updated with the content and apps your mobile workers need to stay productive.

And when you need guidance or assistance, the Android Enterprise Certified Experts at SOTI are ready to provide it with:

  • World-class knowledge: Advanced technical and business-oriented knowledge to answer any problems you have.
  • Speed: Android Enterprise Certified Experts can deliver quality solutions and perform tasks faster.
  • Exclusive content: Android Enterprise Certified Experts have access to specialized content and resources not found anywhere else.

It’s Simple: SOTI Customers Can Get Easy and Fast Access to Knowledgeable and Experienced Android Enterprise Certified Experts

Within the Android Enterprise Academy, there are three levels of certification (Associate, Professional and Expert, which is the top tier).

Our customers enjoy easy and fast connections to knowledgeable and experienced enterprise mobility experts on Android Enterprise (AE) topics which directly impact their business-critical mobile operations:

  • Implementation and deployment: How to best get AE devices into the hands of your mobile workforce, no matter the location, industry or device type.
  • Security and privacy: Protecting your devices, data and workers from ongoing and emerging threats while ensuring total separation between the corporate and personal sides of the device.
  • Troubleshooting: Resolving any issues your organization experiences with enrollment, configuration, work profile, app installation and more.

Becoming an Android Enterprise Certified Expert isn’t easy. It involves in-depth learning syllabuses, online labs and practice sessions, followed by an intense two-hour exam where 80% is the minimum passing score.

Android Enterprise Certified Experts, Ready and Available to Help

The Android Enterprise Certified Experts at SOTI have expertise in Android Enterprise, Android OS and Android documentation to help answer your technical and business problems.

So, if you’re asking yourself “when can I speak to an Android Enterprise Certified Expert at SOTI?” the answer is almost anytime throughout your journey:

Not Just Your Experts, But Your Advocates Too

Android Enterprise Certified Experts have direct access to Google. If you’re experiencing an issue, or have a question which only Google can answer, your expert can raise a support ticket on your behalf, interact with other experts or access helpful documentation to find the information you need. No matter what, your needs will be addressed.

Want to Learn More?

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