SOTI Connect Earns Its Stripes with Zebra Printer Management


SOTI Connect, the IoT management solution which allows businesses in all industries to manage, secure and gain visibility into all IoT devices throughout their operations, now supports and manages Zebra’s best-in-class fleet of mobile and industrial printers.

For years, SOTI and Zebra have collaborated to create and mutually validate innovative ways for SOTI MobiControl to effectively manage Zebra mobile computers. This includes enabling the simple migration of Zebra devices to Android™ Enterprise, the integration of Zebra secure remote control APIs and support for Zebra LifeGuard™ OTA.

Today, a long-lasting partnership gets stronger with enhanced Zebra printer management from SOTI Connect, which is part of the SOTI ONE Platform.

What does this mean for you? How does your business benefit? Watch the video below to learn more.

SOTI Connect Now Supports Zebra Printers Video

Simple, Effective Zebra Printer Management with SOTI Connect

SOTI Connect lets you take control of your business-critical Zebra printers to ensure they are operating at peak performance with maximum uptime.

  • Speedy deployment: As soon as your Zebra printers come online, configure them to meet the unique needs of your business. Get them printing and working in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Collect critical data: Battery health, device temperature, memory usage, data usage and printing speed. Make data-driven decisions to boost the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of your Zebra printers, whether they are across the street or around the world.
  • Protect against security threats: 60% of businesses lose data through printer security breaches worldwide. Use SOTI Connect to update firewall settings and install security updates to your Zebra printers to keep data threats at bay.
  • Automated remediation: If an issue is detected, SOTI Connect automatically sends remediation actions to resolve it quickly and minimize costly downtime.
  • Optimization made easy: With SOTI Connect, Zebra printers can look for and install firmware and operating system (OS) updates without any end user intervention, allowing your IT staff to work on more critical issues.

When printers go down, it results in an average of 23 minutes of lost productivity. Data lost through a security breach costs companies an average of $400,000 (USD). When printers move or change locations, 90% of organizations don’t know how many they have.

This lack of clarity and control can be devastating to any business, particularly those in the healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics (T&L) or field services industries with essential printing needs that cannot afford any downtime.

With SOTI Connect and Zebra, your mission-critical printers, and the people who rely on them, stay protected and productive.

Which Zebra Printers are Supported by SOTI Connect?

We support most in-market Zebra printers.

SOTI Connect is built with multi-protocol support, meaning it can manage Zebra industrial and mobile printers using popular IoT protocols such as MQTT. Meanwhile, SOTI Connect’s data-driven architecture introduces support for new Zebra printers as soon as they are online.

Below are some of the Zebra printers supported by SOTI Connect:

Zebra desktop-printersDesktop Printers
  • ZD510-HC
  • ZD411*
  • ZD421
  • ZD611*
  • ZD621
Zebra industrial-printersIndustrial Printers
  • ZT231*
  • ZT411
  • ZT421
  • ZT510
  • ZT600 Series
Zebra mobile-printersMobile Printers
  • ZQ300 Series
  • ZR300 Series
  • ZQ500 Series
  • ZQ600 Series
  • ZR600 Series
Zebra printer-enginesPrinter Engines
  • ZE511
  • ZE521

Any printer types, any need, any industry, anywhere. SOTI Connect gives you total support over your Zebra printer deployments.

SOTI Connect and Zebra: Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your IoT Solutions

You rely on Zebra to provide high quality printers, which are integral to your business operations.

You rely on the SOTI ONE Platform to manage and secure your fleet of mobile devices, no matter the type or location.

Now, you get the best of both worlds: the power and versatility of Zebra devices managed and supported by the features, capabilities and innovation of SOTI Connect.

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*New printers supported at launch