SOTI Year in Review: 2021 Recap


Together, we are making history as we live through history.


As 2021 draws to a close, we at SOTI want to say thank you to our amazing employees, dedicated customers and passionate partners. Your collective desire to innovate and grow resulted in a year which will go down as one of our best ever.


Before heading into 2022 – and in no order – we are taking one last look at the year that was at SOTI.


And remember, none of these accomplishments and milestones would have happened if not for you.


So once again, thank you.


November: The Launch of SOTI XSight

Without doubt, the biggest event at SOTI in 2021 was the launch of the newest evolution to the SOTI ONE Platform, SOTI XSight.


Months in the making, built by an army of developers and designers and one of the biggest product launches in SOTI’s history, SOTI XSight is the game-changing diagnostic intelligence solution that enables the rapid resolution of app and mobile device issues.


In case you missed it the first time, there are four powerful pillars to SOTI XSight:


  • Operational intelligence1: Access data on key device performance metrics such as battery health, signal strength, app and data usage and device location.


  • Advanced diagnostics: Deliver faster first-call resolution with support tools like remote control, audio and video recording, rich data pulls and whiteboarding and annotating on the remote device screen.


  • Automated monitoring: Establish performance thresholds for things like battery temperature or low device storage and receive automated alerts when devices exceed them.


  • Incident management: Get real-time visibility into issues occurring in your mobile deployments. Track and link issues to ensure pervasive problems are uncovered and quickly addressed.


SOTI XSight will revolutionize how organizations across all industries monitor the performance of their mobile devices and provide immediate, remote support when there’s a problem. Device downtime is minimized, and device ROI is maximized.


In case you missed it:



October: SOTI ONE Platform Now Manages Glass Enterprise Edition 2


Wearable technology in the enterprise is growing as by 2027 the market is expected to be valued at over $22 billion USD.


Those devices must be managed and in October, SOTI announced that the SOTI ONE Platform now manages business-critical Glass deployments. That means the same features, capabilities and benefits the SOTI ONE Platform provides other devices such as tablets, smartphones and rugged devices are now available on Glass:


  • App development: Build apps for Glass such as barcode scanning apps with SOTI Snap.


  • Device enrollment: Get Glass devices into the hands – or would that be on the faces? – of workers quickly and easily with SOTI MobiControl.


  • Remote troubleshooting: With SOTI XSight, IT support staff can literally see and experience what the end user is to identify and resolve issues on the first call.


When one of the world’s most innovative platforms meet one of the world’s frontrunners in wearable technology, good things are going to happen.


In case you missed it:



July: SOTI South India Next Gen Roadshow


The pandemic didn’t stop SOTI from presenting its annual South India Next Gen Roadshow.


During this virtual campus recruitment drive, more than 8,500 eager students registered to learn about SOTI and the great career internship opportunities available. For those who think they have what it takes, they had the chance to showcase their skills and knowledge through a challenging online coding test followed by an HR and technical interview.


South India is a hotbed for engineering students who are ready to transform technology with their unbridled passion and innovative ideas. It’s always a pleasure to meet them face-to-face, even if it was done through a computer screen in 2021.


And we can’t wait to do it all again in 2022, hopefully in person.


In case you missed it:



March, July and September: New State of Mobility Reports


In 2021, SOTI continued its tradition of releasing State of Mobility reports. Collectively, SOTI interviewed over 7,000 individuals from around the world and the answers they shared provided valuable insights into where technology is today and where it should be going tomorrow.


Two of this year’s reports focused on industries hit hard by the pandemic: retail and transportation and logistics (T&L). The third looked at the overall state of mobility.


Thank you to everyone who downloaded and shared these reports. We certainly hope you find them valuable, and we have more in-depth reports planned for 2022.


In case you missed it:




February, March, April, May, June, August and December: New Customer Success Stories


SOTI’s success comes from our great customers who rely on the SOTI ONE Platform to solve their toughest mobility challenges. In 2021, nine of them were gracious enough to share their stories as Customer Success Stories:


  • APM: A German recycling and disposal company was able to save 30 hours per day in data entry using SOTI Snap.


  • HAS Technology: A global technology solutions provider in healthcare uses SOTI MobiControl to enhance its fall protection technology to protect aging populations in the UK.


  • Innserve: A UK-based field services company specializing in drinks dispensing relies on the SOTI ONE Platform to save 500 worker hours annually and increase customer service levels by 25%.



  • National Pharmacies: A retail pharmacy and optical group from Australia uses SOTI MobiControl to save $100,000 AUD in IT support costs and $180,000 AUD in local retail store IT administration.


  • Duravit AG: A leading manufacturer of designer bathrooms based in Germany trusted SOTI MobiControl to scale its business and productivity among its global workforce of 6,000 employees.


  • Dura Vermeer: A field services business in the Netherlands outsourced its EMM to a specialist using SOTI MobiControl to manage and secure their mobile device fleet of over 1,200 iPads, 2,800 smartphones and more than 40 business apps.


  • DPD Romania: A leading European parcel delivery service with a presence in Romania uses SOTI to manage over 1,000 devices and help its workforce deliver more than 15 million parcels each year.


  • El Corte Inglés: Based in Madrid, Spain, the biggest department store group in Europe relies on SOTI MobiControl to manage over 18,000 different devices in stores and warehouses while at the same time reducing help desk tickets by 35%.


As always, we want to thank all our customers for their continued support and trust in SOTI. Every day, whether we’re in the office or working remotely, our goal remains the same: to deliver innovative solutions that make a real difference in the business-critical mobile operations of the companies we serve.

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January, March, April and November: Winning Awards


SOTI is proud to have received the following awards in 2021:



There are so many people to thank, starting with the SOTI product development teams. Even as COVID-19 made for a most unusual year, it was still “business as usual” as they worked tirelessly to help businesses like yours reduce the cost, complexity and downtime of its business-critical mobile operations.


Secondly, we must thank our customers for using, advocating and promoting our products and services. Every day, SOTI strives to deliver value, ROI and groundbreaking innovation.


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All Year Long: Hiring and Growing


Nothing in 2021 slowed down SOTI’s commitment to reaching new heights, going the extra mile and championing the cause of innovation. The best way we were able to accomplish this was scaling up worldwide by onboarding new talent.


This speaks to SOTI’s health as a company and our core belief that great new ideas come from great new employees. To everyone who joined SOTI this year, thank you for bringing your passion, enthusiasm and fresh perspectives. Those qualities, combined with the experience already in place, will drive success to our customers and partners in 2022 and beyond.


In case you missed it:



See You in 2022


The 2020s have certainly gotten off to a historic start. But together, we were able to persevere, thrive, innovate and stay connected. We expect to do more of the same in the upcoming year.


Once again, thank you all for a memorable 2021. Whatever 2022 has in store, we look forward to the endless possibilities.


See you next year!


Glass and the related logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

  1. SOTI XSight analytics available only for Android devices.