Manage Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with the SOTI ONE Platform


The SOTI ONE Platform is an integrated suite of mobile and IoT device management solutions. SOTI ONE solves today’s toughest mobile technology challenges, tears down mobility silos and connects everything: mobile devices, IoT endpoints, apps and back-office systems. 

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a wearable device from Google that can help businesses improve their output quality while helping employees work smarter and faster.  

And now, one of the world’s most innovative platforms provides best-in-class visibility, control and security to one of the world’s frontrunners in wearable technology. Manage your business-critical Glass deployments with the revolutionary SOTI ONE Platform.

Why Use the SOTI ONE Platform to Manage Glass? 

By 2027, the global enterprise wearable market is expected to be valued at over $22 billion USD. And currently in the U.S., 8.8 million workers use technology like Glass to perform their jobs. 

Enterprises in all industries utilize wearable technology to increase company performance, bottom line revenue and employee safety.  

SOTI already provides best-in-class support for Android™ Management. That same robustness is now available for Glass via the products of the SOTI ONE Platform:

  • Building apps: Use SOTI Snap to design, deploy and modify apps specifically for Glass – such as barcode scanning apps which leverage the camera on Glass – without the complexity of coding or the cost of a third-party application programmer. 
  • Easy device enrollment: Enroll dozens, hundreds or thousands of devices into SOTI MobiControl just by scanning a QR code through Glass. Apps and policies can then be pushed to the device with very little user interaction.  
  • Lockdown: Simplify the Glass user interface into a fully customizable screen, showcasing only the apps that users need and prevent settings access or unnecessary changes. 
  • Content management: Easily synchronize files on Glass with your backend systems. 

Remote Troubleshooting: See and Experience What the End User Is, to Better Enable First-Call Resolution 

Just like with smartphones, tablets and rugged devices, SOTI Assist supports a live view of Glass during remote troubleshooting sessions.  

Draw directly on the screen of the Glass user to direct them. Record video with the Glass user’s audio so that incidents gather all the necessary information the first time. Grab logs over-the-air (OTA) without having to physically connect Glass to a laptop. 

The SOTI ONE Platform and Glass: Built for Your Industry 

SOTI is paired with Glass in fast-paced verticals where efficiency, safety and compliance are essential: 

  • Healthcare: When home healthcare practitioners use Glass to document patient care using electronic visit verification (EVV: a system designed to prove that home patients receive the care they need and to protect against fraud) SOTI ensures that secure and confidential information is protected against data-stealing threats and attacks. 
  • Transportation and logistics: In the transportation and logistics (T&L) warehouse, loaders use Glass to scan, pick and pack products for delivery, while SOTI ensures that any device downtime which leads to late shipments and unhappy customers is kept to a minimum and is resolved on the first call. 
  • Field services: Field services technicians rely on Glass for hands-free access to job instructions, safety documentation and even schematic overlays; and they rely on SOTI to seamlessly push out updates to pertinent data so that they always have the latest information available to them.  
  • Retail: Sales associates can use Glass to look up product information and provide tailored customer service, while retail merchandisers are able to visualize detailed planograms. All the while SOTI monitors the health, location and performance of the device.   

Securing Glass and Its Data 

For 61% of IT professionals, security breaches are their top concern for wearable technology 

When deploying wearables such as Glass in the enterprise, keeping data secure is of paramount importance. Here’s how SOTI MobiControl does it: 

  • Device restrictions: Blacklist unauthorized apps which limit productivity or put security at risk. Enable or disable specific Glass features such as the camera. Use Kiosk Mode to restrict Glass to business-approved apps only. 
  • Security policies: Establish authentication policies to control user access to Glass. Control when devices can receive updates. Use antivirus protection to monitor and defend against infected files or apps. 

If Glass is lost or stolen, SOTI MobiControl administrators can put the device in a mode where the applications on it cannot be used.  

Leverage the Power of Glass and the Power of the SOTI ONE Platform 

Glass lets workers stay focused, improve accuracy and even collaborate in real-time. And it all happens in the most convenient place possible: in the end user’s line of sight. 

But to make certain workers have the apps and data they need to fully take advantage of the capabilities of Glass, organizations need an integrated platform of solutions. That’s the SOTI ONE Platform: 

  • SOTI Snap lets you build the essential apps for Glass your workforce needs in minutes or hours, not days, weeks or even longer; just by dragging and dropping familiar widgets onto an easy-to-use digital canvas.  

  • SOTI MobiControl gives you total control and visibility over the whereabouts and status of your Glass deployments. View information such as device details, configurations (e.g. profiles and packages applied to the device) and installed apps from a single dashboard. Upgrade the firmware of Glass to ensure compliance at all times. 
  • SOTI Assist minimizes Glass downtime by remotely diagnosing, troubleshooting and resolving issues. See what the user is seeing – literally – to better understand and fix the problem. SOTI Assist captures all the device information, so you don’t have to back and forth, asking dozens of questions with the end user, about the environment. 

Request a Free Demo 

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is all about visualization and the best way to see how the SOTI ONE Platform integrates with Glass is to request a demo. You’ll see first-hand how SOTI MobiControl manages Glass, how SOTI Snap creates apps for it and how SOTI Assist resolves any issues you may have. 

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