What’s New in the July 2019 Update of the SOTI ONE Platform

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SOTI Assist 1.6

The July update of the SOTI ONE Platform introduces a new version of SOTI Assist that adds support for multiple SOTI MobiControl instances, as well as remote control and usability enhancements.  



Support for Multiple SOTI MobiControl instances 

SOTI Assist has made it easier for businesses to support and reduce the downtime of their SOTI MobiControl managed devices. However, enterprises and managed service providers often need to support devices across multiple instances. SOTI Assist 1.6 now supports integration with multiple SOTI MobiControl instances to unify the support of all managed devices within a single help desk solution.



Remote Control Improvements

New remote control actions extend the remote support capabilities of help desk agents. Devices can be remotely rebooted during a remote session, and kiosks can be temporarily disabled without the help desk agent having to send script commands to the device, or manually type in the administrator password on the device screen and reveal it to the end user. Personal preferences set by the help desk agent for device recording and screenshots are now automatically retained for subsequent remote support sessions.



Other Enhancements

Other notable enhancements to SOTI Assist 1.6 include:

  • Autofill email recipients – When a help desk agent is composing an email within a ticket, SOTI Assist now uses Active Directory contacts and previously entered email addresses to autofill email addresses as the agent types.
  • Filter tickets by assignee – On the SOTI Assist dashboard, the Top Assignees filter has been replaced by an Assignees filter that enables help desk teams to filter the list of tickets by any assignee, or only see tickets that are unassigned.
  • Native login page – SOTI Assist now supports an optional native login to handle deployment scenarios where SOTI Assist cannot re-direct user login to SOTI MobiControl because the two solutions reside on separate networks. For example, SOTI Assist is installed in the DMZ and accessible over the Internet, while access to SOTI MobiControl is only possible on the internal network.
  • Collapsible remote control/work panel – To maximize the available real estate within a ticket, the Remote Control/Work Panel automatically collapses if there is no content or remote control session to be displayed in it.
  • Support for SQL Server 2017


For a detailed list of changes in SOTI Assist 1.6, visit the SOTI Assist documentation page.

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