How Does Enterprise-Grade Printer Management Generate ROI?

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You have a mix of printer OEMs throughout your operations. This means using multiple management tools with different interfaces and limited functionality. This lack of standardization increases the costs and time associated with managing your printers.

So, how can you maximize the ROI of your printers?

Enter SOTI Connect enterprise-grade printer management.

What is Enterprise-Grade Printer Management?

Standardization. One solution to support the makes and models powering your business-critical printing functions.

It’s control and visibility over your printer infrastructure – at the enterprise level – in numerous ways:

  • Single pane of glass to manage and secure your different printer manufacturers
  • Unified commands to perform workflows on different makes
  • Remotely deploying security updates or troubleshooting issues when required

It eliminates dependence on in-house utilities or vendor-supplied tools which don’t address the needs of business-critical printers. Managing – and taking subsequent actions – for all your mobile, RFID or label printers is done the same way from the same place. Whether the printer is across the street or around the world.

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Get ROI From Enterprise-Grade Printer Management

Lower costs, higher ROI. Here’s how enterprise-grade printer management pays for itself.

Protect Data

Printers don’t get the same security attention as other devices. Consider these statistics*:

  • 56% of organizations ignore printers in their security strategy
  • 19% of organizations are considered print security leaders
  • 2% of printers are considered secure

The cost of a printer data breach is over $950,000 (USD). With compliance fines and loss of business, it’s over $14 million (USD).

A printer data breach equals lost data, lost revenue and lost trust. Which aren’t easy to get back. If at all.


Security risks are proactively identified. Security updates are remotely deployed. Firmware and certificate updates eliminate the costs of sending personnel to perform manual updates. It also protects the business from the costs and fines associated with a data breach.

Reduce Deployment Costs

It costs $120 (USD) and 21 business days to stage and deploy a printer*.

Now, $120 may seem insignificant. But that’s one printer. How many printers do you have? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands, even? Do the math.

Depending on your industry, 21 days means:

  • Healthcare: Patients unable to receive their prescriptions
  • Transportation and Logistics (T&L): Goods not loaded onto truck
  • Retail: Empty store shelves

Delayed service means unhappy customers taking their business elsewhere.


Printers go directly to their destination without needing manual intervention. They’re turned on and automatically configured to your settings. Fewer people manually touching printers and fewer stops lowers the costs of getting them deployed, working and contributing to business profitability.

Maintenance Savings

When printers go down, productivity stops and doesn’t resume until it’s resolved. Besides the cost of lost productivity, you must pay for:

  • Transportation (Part 1): The printer ships to IT or IT comes to the printer
  • Servicing: Using a third-party service averages $330 (USD)*
  • Transportation (Part 2): The printer or IT returns to its starting point

Once printers stop working, it’s already too late. Operations are already impacted and you’re chasing a resolution while the clock ticks and costs go up.


Get visual representations of printers and their status anytime, regardless of location. Flag printer issues before they happen instead of paying to fix them after they occur. Should downtime happen, remotely diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve the issue quickly. Reduce reliance on manual labor as fewer in-person service calls are required.

Asset Management

A restaurant chain in the UK conducted a manual audit of their printers. The results1:

  • Time: Seven weeks
  • Cost: €100,000
  • Accuracy Expectation: 70%

With many locations, auditors must visit each one. Printers not in obvious spots aren’t accounted for. Human error leads to miscounts. Printers switch locations but nobody knows about it.

Since manual counts are unreliable, organizations may spend money on printers they don’t need. Or try to perform critical printing operations with printers they don’t have. Neither is ideal.


Get clarity on the number and printer types you have. A new mobile printer joins your network, you’ll know. An RFID printer changes locations to join another network, you’ll know. It’s real-time inventory reports on your printer fleet without spending on manual counts bound to be wrong.

Get SOTI Connect. Get More ROI From Your Printers

You’ve invested in mobile and industrial printers to perform business-critical tasks such as printing shelf edge pricing labels, delivery labels or identification wristbands.

Now invest in SOTI Connect: the enterprise-grade printer management solution that cuts costs and increases ROI.

Deployment costs. Security costs. Maintenance costs. Asset management costs. All reduced. Printers last longer and are protected against threats. It’s a win-win for your business operations and bottom line.

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*Source: The BluePRINT for Printer Management Success

1SOTI Customer Feedback