Take your Mobility Strategy to the Next Level with the SOTI ONE Platform

We live in an increasingly mobile-first and digitally driven world. Every day, new technologies are developed to aid in the digital transformation most organizations are undergoing to keep up with the ongoing shift in the landscape. But digital transformation and shifting to a mobile-first approach aren’t always easy. It can be a time consuming, complicated and expensive process.


Did you know…

Keeping up with the mobile-first shift within your industry can be a challenging task. The SOTI ONE Platform is designed to help. The SOTI ONE Platform is the first solution of it its kind that integrates all the necessary components of enterprise mobility management into one intuitive platform. It is designed to solve the core problems that organizations face in order to limit downtime, keep costs low and increase productivity and efficiency. Comprised of six unique and revolutionary components, the SOTI ONE Platform is simpler, smarter and more reliable than any other solution.


What does the SOTI ONE Platform come with?

For starters, the ability to develop your own business apps. SOTI Snap is a solution that allows businesses to develop and launch business apps quickly without any custom coding, helping to automate previously manual processes while keeping costs low, saving time and reducing the need for specialized resources.


Organizations can use SOTI MobiControl to quickly and easily deploy new devices to their network, rollout software updates with ease and securely manage apps, content and data within their networks.


The SOTI ONE Platform also includes access to SOTI Assist, a feature that allows expert technicians to remotely diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve any issues relating to a device or app within a business’ network. This helps to limit downtime and loss of revenue by ensuring your workers are back up and running quickly.


And if you’re ever looking for answers regarding the SOTI ONE Platform, or product expertise, you can log into SOTI Central. This is an online community for SOTI partners to network and interact with one another and talk to product experts with a vast knowledge about our solutions.


Highlights from the SOTI ONE Platform

  • Enforces complex passwords and encryption to prevent hackers from physically accessing device data.
  • Regularly scans for malware and quarantines infected apps and files on Android devices, by ensuring Windows Defender is up-to-date.
  • OS updates can be deployed/enforced on devices to ensure OS vulnerabilities are identified and patched quickly to prevent productivity interruptions.
  • Locks devices that are lost or stolen, remotely removes business apps and content to prevent unauthorized access to them and geo-locates devices in order to recover them.
  • Enforces the separation of work and personal apps on BYOD or COPE devices to prevent accidental disclosure of data.
  • The SOTI Hub secure document editor prevents sensitive files and content from being shared or printed.
  • Prevents phishing attacks by Limiting which categories of websites end users have access to by preventing access to websites that have untrusted SSL certificates using the SOTI Surf secure web browser.
  • Provides help desk technicians with the ability to instantly remote into end user devices to fix problems quickly, or train employees on the proper use of new devices or apps.
  • Creates custom apps that digitize manual processes in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.


Coming soon to the SOTI ONE Platform

We’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance the SOTI ONE Platform and its solutions. Coming soon to the SOTI ONE Platform are SOTI Connect and SOTI Insight. SOTI Connect is an IoT solution that will allow businesses to secure, manage and connect to various devices, regardless of their communication protocol or operating systems. Once launched, any device that is connected to the internet will be able to be managed, updated and secured through SOTI Connect.


SOTI Insight is going to make reporting on the performance of these devices easier than ever before. SOTI Insight is a business intelligence solution that makes it easy for businesses to collect, aggregate and analyze data from mobile apps, enterprise apps and mobile and IoT devices. It transforms data into an easy-to-understand format that gives business insights at a glance. It can audit all your devices in real-time, helping you to build trend reports and identify and respond to issues relating to downtime quickly.


If your business is trying to keep up in the fast-paced digital world and looking for support, the SOTI ONE Platform could be the right solution. Request a demo today so that you’re prepared for the digital updates of tomorrow.