Mobile Device Management (MDM)

SOTI MobiControl is the easy, efficient and effective MDM solution your business needs.

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Mobile Device Management for Any Device, Endpoint and Business Need

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SOTI MobiControl’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) software lets you efficiently manage multiple device types such as: mobile rugged devices, mobile computers, handhelds, smartphones, vehicle mount computers, wearables and laptops. Protect devices, data, and workers with security features such as Kiosk Mode, geofencing and lockdown.


MDM For Any Operating System

Whatever OS your mobile devices, laptops or tablets run on, SOTI MobiControl has you covered.

SOTI MobiControl Solves Your Toughest Mobility Challenges

It’s your job to overcome the mobile risks your company faces:

  • Unplanned downtime that grinds things to a halt
  • Security risks which can lead to stolen or compromised data
  • Cumbersome device deployment enrollment and provisioning procedures

Mobile Device Management from SOTI MobiControl gives you full visibility into the status and performance of your device deployments.

Close-up of an Apple iPad tablet which features SOTI MobiControl on the screen

You’ll be able to resolve small issues before they become big problems. You’ll be able to proactively make decisions to boost device performance based on simple things like network access. You can quickly deploy the business-critical apps your remote workers are counting on to get the job done.

Other Features and Capabilities

  • SOTI XTreme Hub

    SOTI XTreme Hub communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl from distributed locations to receive data and app transfers, in place of each individual Android device. This greatly reduces the number of times new data and apps are required to be sent to large numbers of Android devices by up to 60%.

  • Location Services

    Location Services

    Enhanced location services allow you to view the current location of all online devices in a device group at once, while offline devices report their last known location until they reconnect to SOTI MobiControl.

  • User Permissions

    User Permissions

    Precise user permissions let you dictate which divisions in your organizations have permissions (read, read/write) to users, custom data and custom attributes.

  • Rapid Deployment and Provisioning

    Rapid Deployment and Provisioning

    Provision devices remotely using profiles and packages based on user role or geographic location. Use SOTI Stage and third-party solutions (Apple DEP, Android zero-touch enrollment, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot and Zebra StageNow) to simplify device deployment.

  • Application Management

    Application Management

    Tight integration with Apple VPP and Google Play ensures the delivery of the right applications to the right employees and devices – quickly, securely and silently. IT staff use blacklists/whitelists to control what corporate apps are available.

  • Content Management

    Content Management

    SOTI Hub and SOTI Surf secures corporate files and web content. Create, edit and upload MS Office files and images using the SOTI Hub app. IT staff set data leakage prevention (DLP) rules and use LDAP integration to control who sees what files and websites, and what they are allowed to do with them.

  • Delivery Hero logo

    The device enrollment process with our old management solution was quite complicated, very manual and took about 4.5 minutes for a device to be configured. With SOTI MobiControl, we were able to reduce this time to about seven seconds.

    — Julian Haberling, Product Specialist, Restaurant Partner Solutions at Delivery Hero

  • RSPB logo

    Using SOTI MobiControl means that we can get the updates done immediately, we don’t have to wait, and we don’t need people to come onsite. The scanner guns are connected to SOTI MobiControl and all our updates are done immediately; there is no time wasting, and no downtime with the scanner guns.

    — Roy Roddy, Fulfilment Manager at RSPB

  • Fraport AG logo

    Every employee at the airport uses different devices, and they have different rules on each device. With SOTI MobiControl, I can set up every permission on each device all over the airport.

    — Maximilian Rassmann-Gabriel, Logistics and Project Manager at Fraport AG

  • FUCHS logo

    SOTI MobiControl is useful to us because it tells us the battery levels of the devices at all times and then keeps a backlog of what it has been over the past few days which is great.

    — Nathan Oakes, Software Developer at FUCHS

The SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI-One user controlling a phone with a laptop - Video link

The SOTI ONE Platform is an integrated suite of solutions designed to reduce the cost, complexity and downtime related to business-critical mobility. Through integration with SOTI MobiControl, the SOTI ONE Platform allows you to:

  • Digitize your paper-based processes quickly and easily by creating mobile apps with SOTI Snap

  • Leverage the remote support capabilities and operational intelligence of SOTI XSight to minimize device downtime and maximize ROI

  • Manage your business-critical mobile and industrial printers with SOTI Connect

  • Interact with a community of product experts, partners and customers through SOTI Pulse to get answers to all your SOTI product questions