SOTI Research: 94% Of US Consumers Use In-Store Tech

U.S. retailers face challenges due to growing reliance on emerging AI and mobile tech, resulting in consumer tech gaps with in-store devices.

New York, UNITED STATES – The U.S. retail sector stands at a pivotal moment, with shoppers finding a gap between what they expect when they shop and what they encounter in-store. Amid the ongoing evolution of retail markets, the industry confronts hurdles in implementing in-store tech, integrating sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI), streamlining the supply chain and managing escalating security issues.

SOTI’s latest retail report, Techspectations: Consumer Demand for Digital Transformation in Retail, highlights how retailers are facing challenges meeting the increasingly high expectations of consumers. These expectations include smooth in-store experiences, tailored suggestions and immediate access to both online and in-store inventory, all crucial to maintaining consumer loyalty.

Emerging Technologies and the Consumer Experience

Although consumers desire technology to enhance their in-store shopping, the offerings from retailers often fall short of their expectations. The report found that while 94% of U.S. consumers have used in-store technology, a significant number feel that these devices worsen the shopping experience. The challenges cited by consumers in-store are insufficient staff available to help with self-serve checkouts (69% of users) and as many as 48% of users experience issues with inadequate Wi-Fi connectivity when using in-store devices.