​​SOTI Empowers Global Fire Departments to Enhance Public Safety Operations Through Advanced Mobile Device Management​

​​Memphis Fire Department and Greater Reykjavik Fire and Rescue Service achieve remarkable results with SOTI MobiControl, streamlining emergency response, improving data security, and saving over 1,800 hours annually in IT issue resolution​

Mississauga, CANADA – April 25, 2024 – Two public safety organizations, the Memphis Fire Department (MFD) in the U.S. and the Greater Reykjavik Fire and Rescue Service (SHS) in Iceland, have transformed their operations by implementing robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) from SOTI. The results speak for themselves: faster emergency response times, enhanced data security and major productivity gains that empower firefighters to prioritize their core mission – saving lives.   

Handling over 1,500 firefighters and responding to more than 213,000 calls annually across 57 stations, MFD faces substantial pressure to ensure rapid mobilization and minimize any operational downtime. Previously, the department's mobile technology failed to meet its needs. Updates took hours as devices had to be manually serviced one by one. Software issues, taking 45 minutes to resolve, resulted in emergency vehicles sitting idle for nearly an hour. 

The challenges faced by MFD vanished after implementing SOTI MobiControl – giving comprehensive visibility into the status and performance of their device deployments. With the capability to remotely monitor, manage and instantly update over 700 mobile devices in fire trucks, ambulances or other fire department vehicles, IT support calls are resolved in minutes. SOTI's GPS Tracking further optimizes MFD’s routes, saving precious minutes. Additionally, in cases of device loss or theft, SOTI MobiControl's geolocation and lockdown features instantly secure sensitive patient data. 

“Ensuring reliable technology in the field is crucial for public safety organizations like fire departments and ambulance services to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies,” said Shash Anand, SVP of Product Strategy at SOTI. “Through rapid troubleshooting of technical problems using SOTI MobiControl, MFD keeps ambulances on the road for critical medical calls instead of wasting time on repairs – getting back 35 hours per week previously lost to IT issues. That's over 1,800 hours per year of additional productivity focused directly on serving the community.” 

“SOTI MobiControl is invaluable to our operations. It’s easy to push content to hundreds of devices that emergency services workers need access to like bookmarking certain webpages for easy access or video conferencing apps for telemedicine. With SOTI MobiControl updates, apps are not only installed or removed easily, but also kept up-to-date with the latest version,” said Carey Berryman, Acting Lieutenant, Memphis Fire Department.

Halfway around the world in Iceland, the Greater Reykjavik Fire and Rescue Service (SHS) faced its own technology crisis. Serving 120 daily emergency calls with 20 ambulances and six fire trucks in the capital area, SHS had no room for downtime. Its outdated mini-PCs in emergency vehicles demanded constant hands-on maintenance, leading to the manual monitoring of oxygen levels during smoke diving, posing a risk of dangerous calculation errors.

Once again, SOTI MobiControl proved to be a gateway to innovation. SHS now effectively manages and deploys tablets, introducing additional capabilities such as GPS navigation, emergency call data uploads and oxygen monitoring apps for smoke divers. The immediate outcomes mirrored those of the Memphis Fire Department: a monthly regain of 30 hours of productivity and accelerated emergency response through significantly improved routing and information sharing.

“Embracing mobile technology management has provided SHS’s first responders with an invaluable advantage,” said Stefan Spendrup, VP of Sales, Northern and Western Europe at SOTI. “With the assistance of SOTI MobiControl, they can now direct their focus toward their solemn duty of protecting lives. Communities around the world can rest easier knowing technology is supporting our emergency heroes."

“Since the beginning, SOTI has been a crucial part of SHS´s operations. With the number of tablets and emergency calls increasing, managing computers physically at the stations was difficult. SOTI MobiControl has allowed us to become more efficient in our operations, which then allows us to better serve our communities,” said Ólafur Kristján Ragnarsson, Project Manager and Developer, SHS.

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