SOTI Helps Online Supermarket Picnic Reduce Device Setup Time by 85%

Leveraging SOTI MobiControl, Picnic is able to save 70 workdays of manual device configuration 

Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS – February 22, 2023 Dutch online supermarket Picnic has reduced device setup time by 85% thanks to SOTI MobiControl. By integrating SOTI's technology, Picnic, along with its partner Reverse IT, has significantly reduced device downtime and improved operations, helping the company achieve further efficiencies. 

This has enabled Picnic to eliminate the number of manual processes, while devices such as mobile terminals can now manage and track orders through SOTI MobiControl. Picnic can set up new mobile terminals faster and configure updates automatically. As a result, the company is able to reduce mobile terminal downtime and cut costs.  

Since Picnic chose SOTI as the provider of its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, remote interventions can be performed by one person rather than teams scattered across different locations. Now that battery status and inventory are visible, Picnic can easily identify problems within a matter of seconds and proactively charge or replace mobile terminals to be optimally available for deliveries. Drivers have a better user experience as they are supported during their runs and can concentrate on their deliveries. 

Markus Rupp, Picnic Project Engineer, observed that, "Since we've been working with SOTI, we have greatly improved the setup time of our devices, as well as the efficiency and productivity of our Runners. We have ambitious growth plans for the years to come, including expansion in other strategic markets. We are confident that SOTI's solutions will help us scale up faster and more efficiently." 

Stefan Spendrup, VP of Sales, Northern and Western Europe at SOTI said, "Picnic has been recognized as the country's fastest growing company in 2019, and we are very proud of the partnership we have built. As a result, Picnic has been able to scale to other markets. SOTI MobiControl will continue to strengthen Picnic's relationships with their customers and delivery drivers as they continue to expand their footprint on a global level." 

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About Picnic
With their roots founded in the Netherlands in 2015 with just four electric delivery vans, Picnic has now grown to be the largest fleet of electric grocery vehicles in Europe with more than 2,000 cars delivering to hundreds of thousands of customers. In the Picnic app, customers will find the same groceries as in a supermarket, but at the lowest price. Unlike other delivery companies, Picnic offers a unique feature by providing free delivery for its service. Picnic is continuously expanding operations into new cities each month and was recently named the fastest growing company in the country in 2019. This was thanks to its expansion into other countries such as Germany in 2018 and most recently, France. With its extensive footprint and focus as a technology company, Picnic aims to create sustainable solutions for the deliveries it provides to customers' homes across Europe. 

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