SOTI Accelerates Growth with the SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI doubles down on increased investments in innovation with long-term profitable growth strategy

Mississauga, CANADA September 28, 2023 SOTI, the world’s most trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, today announced at its partner and user conference, SOTI SYNC 23, substantial updates to the SOTI ONE Platform. In addition to improving functionality for identity management, enterprise integration, security and business intelligence, more than 60 new features were introduced.  

New innovations within SOTI XSight were unveiled. Live View, the first tool of its kind, enables businesses to visualize their operations in real-time. Live View builds on SOTI XSight’s industry-leading capabilities as a diagnostic intelligence and support solution with the tools needed to proactively identify and fix problems before they occur. SOTI XSight takes analytics-based insights and visualizes them in real-time to enable smarter, data-driven decisions.  

“Our investment in innovation is clear. The SOTI ONE Platform continues to place SOTI at the forefront of mobility solutions globally. In these uncertain times for the tech industry, our strengths as a company are reflected in over 112 consecutive quarters of profitable growth, over 22 million devices managed across all operating systems and a diverse ecosystem of over 4,000 partners globally,” said Carl Rodrigues, President and CEO at SOTI. “We continue to strengthen our innovation portfolio alongside our global footprint. With an expanded presence across all major markets, including expanding our investments in India, Japan and the Benelux region, these are exciting times for SOTI, our customers and our employees.”  


New product releases include:    

  • SOTI XSight Live View – New Release: Live View instantly becomes the most advanced diagnostic tool in the industry. The Live View console consolidates business and device data, allowing businesses to visualize their operations in real-time. Companies can view the Live View Dashboard on a map and visualize metrics such as location, signal strength and speed alongside business data such as inventory levels, delivery status and anything else the business chooses. For indoor operations, Live View offers a List View, allowing visualization of operations in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. Live View's time machine capabilities allow IT Professionals to go back in time and study situational data at specific times to remedy issues and keep the business running smoothly.   
  • SOTI MobiControl: SOTI MobiControl now integrates Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities with the following solutions: Microsoft Entra ID Shared Device Mode, Imprivata Mobile Device Access and SOTI Mobile SSO. SOTI MobiControl also supports Shared iPad for Business, which allows iPads to be used by various workers who authenticate through a Managed Apple ID to access the specific apps and data each worker needs. New enhancements to SOTI MobiControl, SOTI’s flagship product, are packed with incredible performance improvements, including 99% improvement in search indexing, 88% performance improvement in API response times and 37% faster device check-ins. 
  • SOTI Snap: SOTI Snap integrates with SOTI XSight Live View so businesses can pull data from SOTI Snap apps and see them in Live View. Dynamic Approvers/Approval has been introduced to clear backlogs in workflow requests by allowing multi-user approvals on activities such as inspection reports and purchase orders. 
  • Windows Integration in SOTI MobiControl and SOTI XSight: Various improvements have been added, including: 
    • SOTI XTreme Hub can dramatically improve the distribution time for data (e.g., apps, packages) from corporate data centers to Windows Modern Devices in remote locations by up to 10X 
    • Microsoft Azure AD Integration brings unparalleled efficiency to authenticating Android, iOS and macOS devices upon enrollment 
    • SOTI XSight capabilities such as Operational Intelligence Dashboards and Live View are available for Windows so customers can gather metrics and make data-driven decisions for their Windows and Android devices 
    • With broad support for Windows devices, businesses now have the flexibility to choose a device make that works best for their operations 
    • Japanese support added to SOTI XSight allows Japanese customers to leverage analytics and visualization to optimize their business operations 


Learn more about how the SOTI ONE Platform makes mobile-first business operations simple, efficient and reliable. 


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