Orders up: SOTI Speeds Up International Catering Company’s Operations

SOTI MobiControl empowers Autogrill Europe S.p.A. to manage devices remotely, reduce downtime and customise POS systems in minutes 

Munich, GERMANY – January 26, 2023 – Autogrill Europe S.p.A. is a catering company providing services in continental Europe and the Mediterranean. The company is present in motorways, airports, railway stations, cities, shopping malls and trade fairs and now reduces device downtime and improves deployment of technology and diagnostic intelligence with the help of SOTI, a leading provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions.   

The global catering enterprise introduced several Android devices to its point of sale (POS) system and implemented precise deployment to ensure a better customer experience. Now, Autogrill Europe S.p.A. has autonomy over managing and adding new devices to its POS system in minutes.  

Autogrill Europe S.p.A. has also sped up and improved its device provisioning time, configuration and management, as well as device activation in the field, ensuring minimal downtime. 

This action was taken by the company as a result of the pandemic, which highlighted how critical it was to centralise its mobile devices so tasks could be carried out remotely. Managing technical assistance remotely for every Autogrill Europe S.p.A. refreshment point became a necessity to ensure software issues were resolved without requiring the technical field team to physically visit every location. 

SOTI MobiControl provides remote technical support across continents and enables Autogrill Europe S.p.A. to integrate Android devices to its POS system and implement zero-touch device deployment. 

“After the pandemic hit, installing and updating business apps presented a significant challenge for quick distribution of devices across Europe. It was essential Autogrill Europe S.p.A. was able to easily manage all its devices remotely from one location to make sure it was providing the best possible service to its millions of customers worldwide,” said Stefan Mennecke, VP of Sales, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe at SOTI. 

“Autogrill Europe S.p.A. is now able to save a significant amount of time with the help of automatic enrolment methods compatible with SOTI technology. With the implementation of SOTI MobiControl with its remote control and app management solution, all of Autogrill Europe S.p.A.’s store and office operations are significantly improved,” continued Mennecke. 

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