Askari Cuts Customer Waiting Time by 50% and Reduces Device Repair Time to Minutes with SOTI

SOTI MobiControl helps Askari save 100 hours of reduced downtime per device, while SOTI Snap implements cross-departmental communication and information transfer, and digitizes and improves return processes

Mississauga, CANADA – October 3, 2023 – Askari Sport GmbH (Askari), a leading European specialist for fishing, hunting and outdoor sports equipment, optimized device management, internal communication and customer service with the SOTI ONE Platform. Implementing SOTI MobiControl, Askari can now manage and update devices remotely, removing the time and cost of in person manual support, device repairs and updating. The solution allows software updates to be scheduled and pushed out to reduce potential downtime. In addition, SOTI Snap has accelerated Askari's entire returns process and enhanced its operational communications.  

Support Company Expansion Through a Robust Back-End Technology  

Askari expanded significantly in recent years, however, rapid growth caused difficulties for the company with unmanaged devices and a lack of remote support. Through the help of its partner, ncc guttermann GmbH, Askari leveraged the SOTI ONE Platform to improve its operational efficiency. Previously, when a problem with an in-store device occurred or an update was needed, it had to be shipped to the company's headquarters for diagnostics and troubleshooting maintenance. Askari also used a paper-based return process, which led to delays in finding customer purchase details and warranty information. These documents were faxed between the shops and head office, which resulted in inconsistencies in form details and records being lost in the process. 

Time Savings and Higher Customer Satisfaction Through Innovative IT Technologies 

Askari implemented SOTI MobiControl to manage its devices remotely, which reduced the downtime of each device by 100 hours. Previously, up to four days was spent on each device repair, whereas now it is completed in minutes. In addition, SOTI Snap was introduced as a solution to enable Askari to communicate digitally in real-time across departments by automating manual processes, making customer information and purchase history quicker and easier to access. This also simplifies the returns process for customers. Prior to SOTI Snap, forms were manual and the process took two weeks on average for a customer return. Warranty term detail per item of stock was difficult to validate causing delays. Now the process has improved by 50%, down to one week. This has increased customer satisfaction and loyalty to Askari as well as improved cross-departmental communications. Since in-store tablets are supported by SOTI, all devices can be updated and managed in real-time and Askari staff can now confirm the availability of goods immediately.  

"Thanks to our reliable partner ncc guttermann GmbH, we have benefited enormously from SOTI MobiControl and SOTI Snap," comments Steffen Imberge, IT Business Manager at Askari. "SOTI MobiControl now saves us weeks of device downtime per store, while SOTI Snap has allowed us to optimize our return processes, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and improved communication throughout the company. This has enabled our business to effectively solve all workflow, automation and device management challenges."  

"Consumers expect fast and easy ordering and return processes. It is therefore of utmost importance for companies to ensure the smooth management of their device fleet and the exchange of information within the company," emphasizes Stefan Mennecke, VP of Sales, Middle East, Africa & Central, Southern and Eastern Europe at SOTI. "With SOTI ONE, Askari can manage its devices remotely while optimizing internal communication to speed up processes and increase customer satisfaction." 

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About Askari 
Askari Sport GmbH was founded in 1990 and is now Europe's leading mail order company in the angling sector. With 200 employees in 14 branches, Askari offers a comprehensive range of more than 40,000 different articles such as rods, bags, equipment, clothing and shoes. A customer base of more than one million anglers trusts Askari's products. For more information, visit
In addition to angling, Askari Sport GmbH also offers a wide range of products to hunters, nature and outdoor enthusiasts. Further information at  

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