Wisetrack and SOTI Reduce Mobile Distractions Behind the Wheel for Latin American Carriers

Coming together to promote the correct and timely use of technology to prevent fatal accidents, protecting drivers and their environment

Mississauga, CANADA – August 31, 2022 – In the midst of the health crisis, where the safety protocol in Latin America and the rest of the world was to stay home, manufacturers and retailers were forced to improve their logistics processes by leaps and bounds to satisfy customers, optimize resources and protect the health and safety of carriers. Wisetrack, the specialist in fleet management, control and monitoring, and the experts in mobile and IoT device management at SOTI joined forces through their technological solutions.

“Through tablets with Android operating systems, both drivers and IT experts can access our Business Analytics applications for route analysis, anti-crime modules and fleet monitoring solutions, among other tools. This has brought them great benefits by helping them avoid accidents and keep drivers safe,” explained Rodrigo Serrano, Corporate VP of Innovation and Development at Wisetrack.

The adoption of mobility tools has permeated different industries because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the transportation and logistics sector is no exception. “Our latest State of Mobility report found that 71% of business leaders globally planned to increase investments in mobile devices in 2022. However, the challenge of mobility and digitalization does not end with the purchase of smartphones, tablets or wearables. The next step is to manage them safely and intelligently to avoid future problems and accidents,” said Michell Escutia, Director of Sales, LATAM at SOTI.

According to the Chilean Safety Association, the use of mobile devices during trips is among the leading causes of fatal cargo transport accidents. It is recommended to avoid all kinds of distractions while behind the wheel, including smartphones, televisions and other electronic devices that decrease the driver’s level of concentration. One of the main obstacles logistics experts must overcome is the management and monitoring of mobile devices once the carriers reached the destination.

Starting this year, Wisetrack used SOTI MobiControl to control the download of unapproved applications (such as social networks or entertainment apps) on drivers' devices, and blocked the use of work mobiles while carriers are driving. This helped drivers avoid accidents caused by momentary distractions such as text messages and notifications.

"Thanks to the implementation of SOTI MobiControl, the use of unauthorized applications fell by 100%, which also translated into savings in data plans," said Serrano. It is worth mentioning that the industries that commonly use this type of technology include mining, forestry, dangerous cargo, people transportation, distribution and large carriers.

The solution also automates the updating of logistics applications remotely even if the device is up to 3,000 kilometers away from the IT team, saving 80% on travel costs when it comes to IT requests.

“Through alliances such as the one between SOTI and Wisetrack, we seek to facilitate a heroic task that has allowed the economy to progress even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Logistics became even more relevant as of 2020 and will continue to be vital for the development of new businesses. Those who seek to grow and reach new markets should bet on Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions such as those of Wisetrack as well as on a management system cell phone that protects its drivers like the one from SOTI,” concluded Escutia.

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