SOTI Supports RollCall to Bring of Peace of Mind to Parents & Teachers Through Real-Time Tracking of School Bus System

SOTI supports new online system, harnessing the latest technology to manage the movements of students in Australia

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – April 25, 2022 – Leading mobile and IoT device management solutions provider, SOTI, today announced that it is working with RollCall to deliver its advanced bus management system, delivering real-time tracking of every single aspect of the school bus system for 200 schools and across 1,000 vehicles.

“Harnessing the latest technology to manage the movements of children on and off buses during daily commutes and school excursions, safety is delivered through visibility – something that RollCall prides itself on delivering to parents, school staff and bus drivers. The RollCall solution is now employed widely across Australia. It helps to optimize route planning and improve bus utilization for schools and bus companies and automates the duty of care for school transport,” said Craig McIntyre, CEO at RollCall.

With RollCall, students use near-field communication (NFC) technology, either tokens or smart cards, that they touch on and off the Nokia Android device at the front of their bus. The device features a full manifest screen display showing the driver the locations where they must stop, who is due to get on or off the bus, and the scheduled times of these stops. The scanning of the student’s NFC technology sends data to the parents and school staff, so they have total transparency throughout the entire transport journey.

“In today’s challenging environment, the safety and well-being of students is at the forefront of all schools’ policies and procedures. RollCall, a new revolutionary online system designed with the safety of children at its heart – works to bring peace of mind to both parents and teachers in today’s ‘hybrid’ educational system,” said Michael Dyson, VP of Sales, APAC at SOTI. “To successfully deploy, manage and support the RollCall technology it is essential that there is visibility of all aspects of the process, including the devices on which the RollCall platform is deployed. The RollCall solution also needs to be deployed remotely and training and support for drivers can be conducted in the same manner.”

Deploying, managing, updating and supporting a solution like RollCall is made possible through the implementation of SOTI MobiControl. The ability to appropriately configure or ‘lockdown’ devices to meet the needs of users and to customize the look and feel of the device for simple and efficient operation has been key.

Most of the RollCall deployments are completed remotely which was especially important during the pandemic. SOTI has enabled remote training sessions for drivers and RollCall can remotely monitor the drivers using the new units. In addition, RollCall now has complete visibility of all devices, and the RollCall technology can be deployed remotely.

The remote deployment, demonstration and training capabilities enabled by SOTI MobiControl, have reduced travel and associated costs for RollCall significantly, while improving efficiency, user adoption and reducing the number of manual processes. Support costs over the same period have also been reduced through the use of SOTI’s remote control technology, enabling swift and effective incident resolution and minimizing the need for device replacement and onsite visits.

“With an ever-increasing number of schools and bus companies using the RollCall solution, we simply could not operate without SOTI MobiControl and the ability it provides us to deploy, secure and update our solution and to remotely support users across Australia,” added Craig.

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