SOTI Helps Wandelbots Manage Robots and Focus on Go-to-Market Strategy, Saving Hours Per Device and Installation Time

Dresden-Based Robotics Start-Up Manages its Equipment Fleet Centrally, Freeing Up Time and Capacity For Business-Critical Tasks

Munich, GERMANY – April 13, 2022 – A robotics programming platform has saved time and boosted its user experience by utilizing SOTI MobiControl to setup and manage new devices. The Wandelbots platform was founded in 2017 by seven scientists from the Faculty of Computer Science at the University Dresden. It allows human interaction with robots by using an iPad, an intuitive iOS app, a Linux PC and a special device that is used to assign the robot an activity or a move, which the robot learns to copy and execute.

Using SOTI MobiControl, Wandelbots is now able to centrally manage device deployment, outsource the fulfillment to a partner and react more quickly to critical issues. This saves hours per device, per installation, that would normally be spent on mobile device setup, configuration work, app management, and device and app updates. Ultimately, this has enabled the optimization of operational processes, as well as a better user experience.  

As Wandelbots' technology is constantly evolving to meet its aim of democratizing robotic programming, the platform hardware and software used must be reliable and adaptable. In addition, Wandelbots constantly maintains the software of its customers and carries out upgrades and updates of its solution. Customers need the latest software to meet legal requirements and provide them with instant access. To optimize this manual, time-consuming and cost-intensive process, Wandelbots was looking for a solution that would manage iOS and Linux devices through a single interface. It also needed to provide full remote access to the iOS and Linux devices Wandelbots had integrated into its robotic solution. 

Centrally Managed Device Fleet Creates More Time for Business-Critical Tasks 

With SOTI MobiControl, Wandelbots can scale its investment in mobile devices and automate manual, tedious processes. This was necessary to ensure that the software can be in continuous operation throughout the year. 

"iPads and industrial PCs are two essential components of our robotics solution. With SOTI MobiControl, we now have a secure way to ensure working software and hardware configurations (and remote access if needed) for all devices," said Dr. Patrick Grosa, VP Portfolio and Tech Solutions at Wandelbots. "This allows us to effectively streamline our operations and improve our ability to remotely support our customers for robotic solutions. Both new devices and applications can be configured quickly and easily, making our organization much more agile." 

SOTI MobiControl manages the entire infrastructure of the iOS and Linux device fleet used by Wandelbots’ customers to control their robots. This includes app management, device security and remote control. Staff can start work immediately and do not waste valuable time configuring multiple software installations or programme updates. This allows staff to focus on strategic tasks such as robot programming. 

Enterprise Mobility Management Provides Visibility and Flexibility 

With an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution like SOTI MobiControl, Wandelbots can now centrally manage provisioning, outsource fulfillment to a partner and respond quickly to issues. This saves device usage and installation time that would normally be spent setting up mobile devices, configuring devices, app management, and updating devices and apps. This optimizes operational processes and creates a better user experience. As technology is constantly evolving, both systems and software need to be reliable to provide the necessary flexibility. 

"In an agile company like Wandelbots, employees should not be hindered or even paralyzed by installations and updates on business-critical devices. We support them in optimizing processes, which saves time and money," says Stefan Mennecke, VP of Sales, Central and Southern Europe at SOTI. "Using SOTI MobiControl also allows Wandelbots to streamline the setup process and supports the company in its expansion through more efficient processes." 

About SOTI 
SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, with more than 17,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI’s innovative portfolio of solutions and services provide the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments. SOTI extends secure mobility management to provide an integrated solution to manage and secure all mobile devices and connected peripherals in an organization.

About Wandelbots 
Wandelbots was founded in December 2017 by seven scientists from the Faculty of Computer Science at the University Dresden. Democratizing robotic programming and making it easier as well as faster to work with robots is their goal. After three years of development, the Wandelbots platform now allows human interaction with robots. The Wandelbots platform consists of an iPad, an intuitive iOS app, a Linux PC and a special device that is used by a human to assign the robot an activity or a move, which the robot learns to copy and execute.  

The Wandelbots technology helps manual workers to quickly learn new robotic skills. Wandelbots has 130 employees at its headquarters in Dresden, Germany, and serves customers across Europe, including car manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and other industrial organizations. 

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