SOTI Announces VR Hardware Partnership

Headset Manufacturer MMGM signs on to bring innovation to farmers

Mississauga, CANADA – April 1, 2022 – SOTI is proud to announce a partnership with MMGM, a leading virtual reality (VR) headset manufacturer within the agricultural sector.

Thanks to this first-of-its-kind partnership, the award-winning SOTI ONE Platform will come preloaded on MMGM’s VR livestock headsets. This will allow dairy producers to proactively manage everything from rugged headset hardware to ensuring optimal selection of virtual worlds for bovine users. Very soon, MMGM (MakesMeGoMoo) hopes to extend their headset lineup to include pigs and chickens, though the latter’s small heads and erratic movements may prove challenging when fitting and placing the devices. 

From the agricultural revolution in the 1700s to automation of the milking process during the 20th century, the sector has continued to innovate and optimize operations through technology. Today that innovation is coming in the form of rugged mobile devices. In maiden research published in November 2019, trials showed increases in the quantity and quality of milk produced by cows who were fitted with rugged VR headsets. Adapted for the “structural features of cow heads”, the headsets streamed visuals of a “unique summer field simulation program.” 

As further research continues globally, including a 2022 project in Turkey where early results are reporting improvements in milk output of 23%, it is becoming clear that mobile technology is the future of agriculture. By working with researchers, the system will provide insights into animal behavior, emotions, stress levels, location, fertility and much more. As a pioneer in diagnostic intelligence, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and beyond, SOTI is excited to contribute to the growth of mobile solutions in this industry worldwide.  

If you’ve read this far, we hope you are thoroughly amoosed. However, we’re just pulling your chicken leg, all in the spirit of April Fools. You know what’s not a joke, though? Mobile devices and IoT technology ARE everywhere. From the tablets used by nurses in healthcare facilities to forklifts in warehouses, and everywhere in between. Companies need better ways to manage this infrastructure and get the most out of their tech.  

SOTI’s solutions provide unique diagnostic intelligence and other tools which allow companies to better manage these investments. And while cow VR headsets are not on the list yet, that list is always growing. So don’t be surprised if a joke today becomes a reality tomorrow. 

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