Leading Logistics Company PostNord Digitizes its Distribution Processes with SOTI

Gothenburg, SWEDEN – October 13, 2022SOTI, a leading provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, and PostNord, Northern Europe's leading logistics provider, have jointly created an innovative Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Using SOTI MobiControl, the logistics group can manage, secure and customize its complete mobile device landscape.

PostNord is a state-owned company, 60% of which is owned by the Swedish government and 40% by the Danish government. The company delivers 1.2 billion letters and 226 million parcels annually and has net sales of over 40 billion SEK.

Over the past decade, PostNord's business processes have evolved, and digitalization has had a significant impact on the transport and logistics industry. As a result, the number of mobile devices, hours of operation, deliveries and orders increased rapidly. Device lifecycle management became more important than ever and finding a solution for managing an increasing device fleet became essential.

In particular, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PostNord experienced an increase in deliveries and needed to capture and track customer signatures in real-time at the point of delivery. Identifying necessary software updates, updating device batteries and determining which applications were needed for specific user groups became a growing challenge.

Perfect Collaboration of Technology and Internal Logistics Processes

SOTI and PostNord have developed a customized system to update multiple devices in a secure and controlled manner, regardless of location. Device updates are performed outside of working hours to minimize employee disruption and avoid downtime.

In addition, an alert system was developed to track stolen devices and address security concerns. If a device is stolen, an alert is sent as soon as the device has been activated and connected to SOTI MobiControl. This allows PostNord to easily locate stolen devices and report them missing. If necessary, the company is able to put them into lockdown mode and remotely erase all information, protecting corporate data.

The same applies to devices at self-service counters in retail stores. Since these are not always monitored by staff, such a solution is crucial for the security of those devices.

Optimization of Business Processes with the Help of New Technologies

With the help of SOTI MobiControl, PostNord can easily support, maintain, update and secure its devices according to internal requirements. As a result, the company can track the lifecycle of deployed endpoints and manage them through a single dashboard, eliminating the need for tracking through Microsoft Excel. In addition, technical issues are now resolved remotely, which has led to savings in support costs, a reduction in downtime and increased customer satisfaction.

"SOTI MobiControl has been a big part of our business for many years,“ said Gert Friis-Larsen, Nordic and Country Service Manager at PostNord. “Much of what we can do today, thanks to SOTI, wasn’t possible a few years ago, but recently our business has evolved, and the need for a technology solution to efficiently manage our thousands of devices has significantly increased. Without SOTI MobiControl, we could not have provided the level of service our customers expect of us.“

"Since the beginning, our work with PostNord has been characterized by true collaboration, thus leading to a successful partnership for more than a decade," commented Stefan Spendrup, VP of Sales, Northern and Western Europe at SOTI. "We have been able to support the company in its growth, which demonstrates the superior performance of our technology and is a great example of how an already successful organization can benefit from new innovations."

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PostNord offers communications and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. PostNord are also proud to be entrusted with ensuring mail delivery to private individuals and business in Sweden and Denmark. With PostNord’s expertise and a unique distribution network, PostNord are developing the basis for tomorrow’s communication, e-commerce, distribution, and logistics.

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