Toshiba Adds SOTI Connect Support to the B-FP2D Mobile Printer

Neuss, GERMANY – September 28, 2020 – Toshiba Tec, a leading global provider of barcode printers unveils the next step in their product evolution. Starting with the B-FP2D, Toshiba barcode printers now support SOTI Connect, an IoT solution built for business that provides complete lifecycle management of IoT devices within an organisation.

With their IoT product development strategy, Toshiba extends the feature set of their mobile printers, which allows the B-FP2D to be easily integrated into SOTI Connect. This enables customers to increase their organisation’s printer fleet reliability, productivity and operational efficiency.

SOTI Connect provides support for a wide variety of industrial and mobile printers and IoT-enabled sensors, offering robust management capabilities and automated monitoring and maintenance of an IoT-enabled device fleet. The user-friendly interface, charts and dashboards provide real-time views of device information and health, with the ability to remotely access devices, identify any issues, pull device logs and perform automated, rule-based remediation. Businesses can significantly reduce their maintenance, repair and resource costs associated with IoT solutions, which improves their total cost of ownership of those IoT-enabled devices.

“The B-FP2D is our most advanced barcode printer build on Toshiba’s new powerful system platform,” said Akira Ito, European Product Marketing Manager at Toshiba Tec. “This new platform opens a new world of connectivity for Toshiba printers. Adding support for SOTI Connect enables businesses to trace large fleets of our mobile printers and overcome printer management challenges such as remote access for firmware updates and automated rule deployment and actions when pre-defined conditions are met. These and several other benefits will lead to process optimisation by maximising device uptime and maintaining business-critical workflows.”

“SOTI’s new relationship with Toshiba delivers innovation to our joint channel and customer community,” said Mustafa Ebadi, Chief Operating Officer, SOTI. “This device certification enables Toshiba customers to effectively manage their printer fleet at a higher rate of productivity and operational effectiveness. Our work with Toshiba further complements the SOTI Connect management portfolio, enabling our business-critical deployments to respond faster, perform more efficiently and delivery quality service.”

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SOTI Connect is an IoT solution built for business that provides complete lifecycle management of IoT devices within an organization. Its highly flexible, data-driven architecture means that new IoT devices can be quickly supported and managed, reducing the time-to-market for IoT initiatives.

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