SOTI Drives Ruan to Save $60K USD in Tech Support Costs Annually

With devices up and running four times faster, Ruan counts on the SOTI ONE Platform to increase operational speed by 73%

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – July 13, 2020 – Ruan Transportation Management Systems reports cost savings and efficiency gains as a result of their implementation of the SOTI ONE Platform across its tablets and smartphones. With driver safety and regulatory compliance at the forefront, Ruan and SOTI have ensured drivers can deliver time savings results on the road, without service delays, improving operational speed by 73% within the fast-growing organization. 

“Ruan has delivered a complete mobile solution across its operations for over a decade. Keeping our mobile platform current and agile remains a strategic initiative and is key to the success of Ruan. With approximately 5,000 devices deployed, SOTI MobiControl offers many critical capabilities that allow Ruan to focus on safety, our team, and our customers,” said Marty DeDecker, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, Ruan. “As we continue to grow, SOTI MobiControl is a highly scalable tool that helps us efficiently support these initiatives.”

SOTI MobiControl has modernized Ruan’s business operations, allowing the company to save $60K USD in technical support costs annually. SOTI MobiControl enables Ruan to get devices configured and deployed four times faster. Ruan has eliminated up to 80 IT support tickets per week at an average cost of $15 USD per device in labour and shipping costs. The SOTI ONE Platform has been a game-changer for Ruan as they “stay ahead of the curve”.

Eliminating mobile device downtime, saving time and money
By relying on the SOTI ONE Platform, Ruan invested in an integrated solution to securely manage devices, provision them quickly and remotely troubleshoot mobile tech issues. Before the SOTI ONE Platform, Ruan had to physically ship mobile devices to the IT department to configure. That process historically took approximately one week before the devices were ready to be used again, which was costly and time-consuming. Manually provisioning new devices took 30 minutes per device and was cumbersome. Tablets were getting lost or damaged in the field, which negatively impacted the company’s bottom line. Thanks to SOTI MobiControl, provisioning devices now takes eight minutes instead of 30 minutes, a 73% improvement in speed to delivery.

Agile operations, with real-time data analytics
SOTI MobiControl has also enabled Ruan to streamline operations by rolling out dedicated business unit electronic driver logs, ensuring more efficient route scheduling and communication with dispatch. By leveraging SOTI MobiControl, Ruan’s operations are more agile and streamlined. With the touch of a button, Ruan’s business-critical mobile infrastructure is up and running fast. SOTI MobiControl enables the ability to remotely troubleshoot mobile tech issues and push software updates, if needed, in seconds to drivers on the road.

Improving driver safety with mobile apps
As the first trucking company in the U.S. to establish a formal safety program, Ruan is committed to ensuring driver safety. Ruan needed a solution to allow access to company and in-house approved apps on their tablets and smartphones for their 4,600 drivers. With SOTI MobiControl, the company can now safely lockdown devices to ensure drivers can only access approved applications and only while the trucks are stopped.

For more information on how Ruan is driving their business forward using SOTI MobiControl, read our latest case study.

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