Over Half of Australian T&L Businesses Say Mobile Technology Has Helped Them Significantly Upscale and Meet Demand During COVID-19

Australian T&L companies say it’s vital to have a mobile-first strategy in place to meet unprecedented demand and to greatly reduce operational costs

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – October 08, 2020 – Fifty-six percent of Australian transportation and logistics (T&L) businesses have reported that having a mobile-first strategy in place has helped them to significantly upscale operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, research from mobile and IoT management solutions provider, SOTI, has revealed.

The vast majority (70%) of Australian T&L companies also said that having an effective mobile-first strategy in place for last-mile delivery had benefited their businesses by greatly reducing their operational costs. Out of those who did not have this in place already, 91% said that they thought a mobile-first strategy would deliver their business cost savings.

“The T&L industry across the globe has had to quickly step up to a huge challenge, following an enormous surge in e-commerce demand and rising expectations for quick delivery during the pandemic,” said Michael Dyson, Vice President of Sales, APAC at SOTI. “Under this heavy pressure, the importance of having mobile technology deployed has risen, not only as a way to ease the COVID-19 burden, but also to help T&L businesses to improve their operational efficiency and remain resilient in the future.”

Yet, even though many Australian T&L businesses had mobility in place that could help them quickly upscale to meet escalated demands, the survey also found there are still areas for further improvement. Just under half (46%) of Australian T&L businesses said that they would benefit from having improved real-time support for mobile devices in the field during COVID-19. An additional 36% also stated that their legacy systems and the use of outdated technology ultimately prevented their organization from sufficiently upscaling operations during the pandemic.

“Having an advanced mobile-first strategy in place within T&L operations is clearly the differentiator between coming out on top, or sinking under the pressure of high demand and losing out to competitors in the process. Our research demonstrates that it’s not enough to just have any mobile technology in place – it’s vital to have the most up-to-date technology and a mobility strategy in place to maintain strength within the market, particularly during a pandemic.”

The research also found that amid the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, 32% of T&L businesses in Australia have evaluated that their number one business priority going forward is to improve efficiency by integrating or growing their mobile-first strategy.

“By implementing a solid mobile-first strategy, T&L businesses are strengthening their overall standing – minimizing overhead costs, gaining valuable insights into operations, and greatly improving speed and productivity rates to match unprecedented demand,” added Michael. “While COVID-19 has put the T&L industry to the ultimate test, it can also be seen as a significant learning curve for businesses to build resilience with the latest advanced technology.”

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Report Methodology
Arlington Research, an independent market research agency, conducted 450 interviews using an online methodology amongst IT Managers, IT Directors, Senior Management and C-Suite in the T&L vertical across six countries (Canada, U.S., UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia). All respondents work in companies with 50 or more global employees.

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