SOTI, a global billion-dollar scale-up invests in Gothenburg

SOTI, the world's leading provider of mobility and IoT solutions, has expanded its operations to the Nordic region and the Netherlands, with new offices opening in Gothenburg, Sweden. The privately-owned, Canadian-based company is valued at over $1 billion, and has considered the Nordic countries, and Sweden in particular, as an attractive market in which to invest. The opening of a new Gothenburg office marks the company’s commitment to bringing new jobs and innovation to the region

As SOTI’s Nordic Director for the past five years, Stefan Spendrup will continue to spearhead the company’s efforts in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. The recently registered Gothenburg office has grown with concentrated efforts to recruit new talent. SOTI is a leading innovator in mobile technology focused on Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Diagnostic Help Desk tools designed to remotely troubleshoot and resolve the toughest mobility challenges.

“It is very exciting that SOTI is focused on building its presence in the Swedish and Nordic markets. This further solidifies Sweden’s presence as an attractive country for successful global scale-up companies and large multinationals to invest in,” says Spendrup.

SOTI, which began in 1995 as a one-man company founded by Carl Rodrigues, President & CEO, has grown rapidly to include over 1000 employees across 10 offices worldwide. Demonstrating 98 consecutive quarters of profitability, the company has a clear vision and is committed to establishing long-term growth and innovation worldwide.

“SOTI considers Sweden and the Nordic region as key markets for the company’s global expansion. We are fortunate to be part of a very liberal tech culture that welcomes new ideas, solutions and perspectives. Thankfully, this kind of innovative thinking is the lifeblood of what SOTI stands for. SOTI provides innovative solutions for the toughest mobility challenges which is an effort we will continue to drive in Sweden and the Nordic countries,” says Spendrup.

Swedes are early adopters of technology 
Sweden, and the Nordic countries in general, are at the forefront of digital transformation. With the legendary brand recognition and market presence of Ericsson and Nokia, Swedes are renowned for being early adopters of mobile technology.

“Digitalization and mobility are transforming industries across Sweden, not only for commerce but across all sectors. Today’s employees place a high value on workplaces that provide flexibility and allow them to be mobile, while also encouraging productivity. So it's not simply about attracting the right employees, they also have to love where they work and how they are able to carry out that work on a daily basis,” says Spendrup.

The Nordic region and the Netherlands has been one of SOTI's fastest growing regions for several years. Across the region, the number of mobile devices being used has exploded, and therefore also the need to manage and secure these devices in the workplace. For example, mobile devices such as self-scanning systems, and self-service checkouts are ubiquitous in Swedish commerce.

“Digitalization in commerce extends across the entire supply chain, from warehouse and logistics, through to transport, in-store and e-commerce environments. Companies today must innovate to remain at the forefront of mobile adoption, or run the risk of losing their business to a savvy competitor,” says Spendrup.

Strong global growth
SOTI has not only grown in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, but is expanding its business globally, which makes the Swedish investment even more significant. In fact, last year the company grew by over 40 percent. Globally, SOTI helps more than 17,000 customers in 170 countries worldwide manage and secure over 20,000,000 mobile devices.

Global player with local investment
With its homegrown Canadian heritage and global footprint, SOTI takes pride in investing in local initiatives and recently became a gold sponsor for the Frölunda Indians, a Swedish professional ice hockey club based in Gothenburg.

“As a Canadian company, SOTI has many employees who love ice hockey, and for us Swedes, Frölunda was an obvious choice to support. It is a partnership that strengthens both of us, and will be fun and inspiring to see what we can create together,” says Spendrup.

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