Recamier Achieves a 28% Increase in Annual Sales with the ONE PLATFORM Bundle

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Since 1947, Recamier has been a leading Colombian cosmetics and beauty products company. It has grown to become a multinational enterprise that exports 10 unique product brands to 14 countries. Recamier has spent 75 years in the Colombian market and has been an international company for more than 15 years. With 700 employees, Recamier manufactures 6,500 tons of products each year and is growing approximately 30% year-over-year. Recamier leads itself as an enterprise that creates high-quality cosmetic products with a universal awareness of health, beauty and care. With a large amount of competition in the beauty industry, the company stands by its goal to display excellence at its point of sale.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing the ONE PLATFORM Bundle, Recamier manually managed its inventory through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This inventory tracking encompassed monitoring company devices that were delivered to stores, stolen or damaged during daily operations. This outdated method of tracking led to excessive downtime and inaccurate information. The company also struggled with managing hardware concerns such as connectivity, battery life and device storage capacity. Personal photos were found on work devices and unauthorized applications were downloaded using corporate mobile data, which posed additional complications.

Recamier faced issues with timely device updates due to excessive mobile data consumption, causing apps and devices to be temporarily down during business hours. Additionally, field employees were using Google Forms to register sales and position product placement on shelves. When it was time to make decisions for positioning products, the restrictions within Google Forms led to excessive downtime. Competition in the beauty industry does not wait, and Recamier needed an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to assist in making quicker data-driven decisions.

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The Solution

With its trustworthy partner Intechsys recommendation to implement SOTI, Recamier completely optimized its operations. Inventory control is now done digitally without the need for manual configuration. SOTI MobiControl remotely carries out the hardware management of device connectivity, battery status and device storage, and generates automatic updates. With SOTI MobiControl’s route monitoring and geolocation feature, Recamier boosts employee productivity and maintains compliance in the field.

SOTI XSight now provides full remote support for apps and devices, solving problems quickly and cutting response times in half. Recamier uses sales support management forms with SOTI Snap to streamline and keep an organized record of sales. The ONE PLATFORM Bundle helps Recamier maintain its position as a leader in the beauty industry, ensuring consistent and reliable product availability. With the 24/7/365 multilingual support, Recamier is able to receive advice and troubleshoot any issues it is facing.

The Results

Since implementing SOTI Snap, Recamier’s monthly collection of electronic online forms for tracking product status has surged to an average of 680 records per month from a previous average of 200, marking a 260% increase. With a strategic shift to SOTI Snap, Recamier has achieved a 28% increase in accumulated sales in 2023. This strategy also increased brand presence and consumer preference at the consumers’ point of sale.

SOTI XSight’s Incident Management tool allows Recamier to improve the visibility of support requests by 50% and solve device issues quickly and efficiently. Additionally, SOTI XSight’s Operational Intelligence reduces operating costs by identifying high-intensity zones from mobile carriers. As a result, connectivity problems have decreased by 80%. The Operational Intelligence metrics enabled Recamier to optimize the use of its mobile devices by 60%, which has increased the longevity of each device in the field.

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SOTI is proud to share our achievement of the Gold partnership status in the Android Enterprise Partner Program. This partnership stands as a testament of our commitment to delivering high-quality Android Enterprise Solutions that meet Google's rigorous standards. This milestone reinforces our dedication to helping organizations succeed in their business mobility journey through close collaboration with our esteemed partner.