Pharmaceutical Company Increases Sales Productivity with SOTI MobiControl XS Cloud

SOTI MobiControl XS as part of SOTI ONE
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For over 87 years, a Colombian pharmaceutical products provider has been committed to the economic and social growth of the Latin American communities it reaches. Employing 8,000 people and providing healthcare products such as, over-the-counter medicines, prescriptions and baby care products to the market. With eight production sites in Colombia and three plants in El Salvador, manufacturing approximately 4,000 products for the region, it exports products to 20 countries across the world.

The Challenge

The company’s key priorities are maximizing revenue growth through its team of 1,000 salespeople and delivering on its commitments to customers. Prior to the implementation of SOTI XSight, the company had no visibility into whether its business apps were being used productively, whether unauthorized apps were being downloaded and how much productivity was lost by using them. Their mobile devices are Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) and not locked down. This lack of visibility introduced a level of business risk that required speedy remediation. The company incurred high telecom costs in certain countries but had no understanding into which apps or users were contributing to this. The company was looking for deeper insights into data usage to have better control into its telecom expenses.

The Solution

After a successful POC, the company upgraded its SOTI MobiControl environment to SOTI MobiControl XS Cloud. With the App Usage Dashboard, the company is driving seller productivity increases by having visibility into which business and non-business apps are being installed, used and for how long. Additionally, the Data Usage Dashboard is helping lower telecom costs by identifying the apps with the most data usage. The Watchlist helps to reduce the number of incidents and increase uptime by enabling critical alerts when devices exceed certain thresholds such as battery discharge rates. Lastly, the company uses the Advanced Diagnostic capabilities of SOTI XSight to reduce incident resolution time and troubleshoot app issues.

The Results

Prior to SOTI XSight, the company estimated a loss of up to five hours of productivity per salesperson per week. With SOTI XSight, this productivity loss was reduced by 80%. Leveraging the Data Usage dashboard, telecom expenses were reduced by 15%. Additionally, the Advanced Diagnostics of SOTI XSight reduced downtime by 20%, furthering the increase of productivity amongst the sales team. As a result of its success, the company is expected to grow its numbers of supported devices and usage of SOTI XSight features. The benefits already experienced have led to an interest in adding both SOTI Connect and SOTI Snap in the future.