Fast Food Chain Increases Customer Satisfaction by 15% with SOTI MobiControl XS

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Nearly 50 years ago, this multinational fast food chain opened its first location in the UK. Since then, it expanded into a mass number of restaurant locations across the country. This organization employs thousands of people in the UK alone and is continually growing. It strives to provide great-tasting food and high-quality service to its customers.

The Challenge

The fast food chain encountered several challenges in managing its fleet of customer-facing tablets. Without insight into app usage and performance, it was unable to identify which apps were engaging customers and which apps were causing frustration due to crashes or bugs.

The lack of automated alerts for device and app issues further compounded the problem, resulting in delayed responses to technical issues. This reactive approach to device management led to unnecessary device replacements, increased operational costs and put customer satisfaction at risk.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, the company implemented SOTI MobiControl XS, a solution designed to provide comprehensive visibility into application usage and device health. With the SOTI XSight App Usage Dashboard, it has complete visibility into how apps are used and can identify and remove rarely used apps to reduce clutter. Advanced reporting tools enable app performance monitoring in real-time, identifying popular apps and quickly addressing issues.

With the SOTI XSight Watchlist, the company receives warnings on battery discharge rates and the amount of memory and storage consumed. This enables the IT team to proactively contact affected stores and advise them of an issue. Additionally, the solution’s proactive alert system ensures the IT team is immediately notified of any device or app failures, allowing for quick remediation.

The Results

The introduction of SOTI MobiControl XS enabled the company to tailor its app portfolio to the usage patterns and preferences of its customers. Customers have a more enjoyable experience using the tablets with quick and easy access to frequently used apps. As a result, customer satisfaction with the in-store digital experience improved by 15%.