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Wisetrack Increases Visibility and Management with SOTI MobiControl, Reinforcing the Safety of Drivers on the Road

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Founded in 2005, service company Wisetrack is an integrator and developer of technological solutions aimed at controlling and improving the management of transportation and logistics (T&L) processes through the combination of apps, devices and communications in a variety of industries. These industries include forestry and mining, food and beverage and car leasing. First headquartered in Chile, Wisetrack has expanded to Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, becoming one of the main providers for technological solutions for T&L in Latin America.

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The Challenge

Wisetrack was providing their software service to various T&L organizations in Latin America. As time went on, their clients wanted a full-scale service that included hardware, data plans and the ability to monitor drivers. Wisetrack’s clients would often have issues with drivers forgetting to update their tablets, using corporate devices for personal use which would drive up data costs or not using the provided tablets at all.

There was no visibility into device usage, the location of the driver on their route or if a device was working properly. Simply put, Wisetrack’s clients had no idea what was happening with their devices once they were in the field. This was a big issue because when a driver is not driving, it’s a loss of revenue for the company.

The Solution

Leveraging SOTI MobiControl, Wisetrack uses Kiosk Mode to prevent drivers from downloading apps or using their devices while driving, saving costs on data and keeping drivers safe. Apps used by the drivers are also updated immediately so there is no need to visit the Play Store to make updates as everything is done remotely

Being able to control tablets remotely, Wisetrack can now solve device issues no matter where drivers are. With SOTI MobiControl, it’s easy to see what the client sees and resolve issues quickly in even the most remote of locations (up to 1,800 miles away). By using SOTI MobiControl, Wisetrack protects the lives and safety of those who share the road with drivers. Wisetrack continues to use SOTI MobiControl for the value it brings to their business operations.

One solution that cannot be measured is the added safety and security. Wisetrack’s software has live cartography, informing drivers of speed changes, a sharp curve ahead on the road or even if there is construction along their route. The safety of drivers is a major priority and without SOTI MobiControl there would be a higher risk of potential accidents

The Result

With SOTI MobiControl, Wisetrack is able to include mobile data plans for all their tablets based on consumption. By having greater control over mobile plans, Wisetrack has reduced overall mobility costs for their clients. They have also decreased travel costs by 80% on service calls as they can remote into devices to solve issues instead of sending a technician out to remote locations.

Prior to using SOTI MobiControl, there was always a percentage of devices out of service. But now, Wisetrack can save their clients time and money with the ability to make device updates remotely, so no tablet is out of service. Overall device setup time has decreased by 60%. With SOTI MobiControl, drivers stay on the road, complete their duties and most importantly, remain safe.

The device enrollment process with our old management solution was quite complicated, very manual and took about 4.5 minutes for a device to be configured. With SOTI MobiControl, we were able to reduce this time to about seven seconds.

— Julian Haberling, Product Specialist, Restaurant Partner Solutions at Delivery Hero