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Fraport AG Takes Flight with SOTI to Land Business-Critical Mobile Strategy Across Airport Operations.

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Thousands of mobile devices, from various manufacturers and different operating systems are now in use with Fraport AG. Designed for business-critical environments where time and efficiency are key, SOTI MobiControl powers Fraport AG’s mobility strategy.

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The Challenge

With seven different departments using smartphones in their day-to-day work, all with various individual requirements, Fraport AG found it challenging to standardize their unique requirements across all areas of its operations in a streamlined way. It was critical that all devices could be managed from one central platform without having to use different Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, and to ensure compliance, visibility into operations, and ease of use for their IT Department to scale new implementations rapidly.

For Fraport AG, it was important that their smartphones could be easily set up, provisioned and managed centrally with the correct permissions and restrictions in place. The company’s goal was to provide a more seamless experience for its staff and customers.

The Solution

In the past, Fraport AG had used another EMM provider, but found it too expensive. SOTI, on the other hand, offered an excellent price to performance ratio and consultative support even before Fraport AG started using its technology.

It isn’t just SOTI MobiControl that Fraport AG uses to improve its business-critical mobility. The company is also using the SOTI ONE Platform to manage content and apps, protect company owned data, and limit business downtime using SOTI’s remote support service.

The Result

SOTI allows Fraport AG to manage multiple devices from one centralized platform, designed for business-critical mobile operations. SOTI also enables Fraport AG to carry out operational processes, such as luggage handling and staff transportation, seamlessly and efficiently, resulting in an even better staff and customer experience.

As a forward-thinking organization, we wanted to give our staff modern tools that would enable them to provide the first-class service that our customers are used to. That required removing old infrastructure and introducing a new device fleet. Without the easy-to-use, scalable and reliable features of SOTI MobiControl, this would have not been possible. We are certain, that in the years to come as we grow as an organization, SOTI will help us secure the future success of our company.

— Maximilian Rassmann-Gabriel, Fraport AG, Logistics & Project Manager

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