SOTI MobiControl and Samsung’s Knox Validated Program

SOTI MobiControl and Samsung’s Knox Validated Program

SOTI MobiControl has been Knox Validated since 2020. More recently, Samsung launched its Knox Validated Program (KVP) for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) partners to provide customers assurance and consistency of Knox product and feature support. The KVP also aims to provide their customers seamless EMM user experiences and confidence in EMM selection. SOTI works closely with Samsung to meet the requirements of the KVP to provide the best EMM experience for our mutual customers. SOTI is always working to ensure our Samsung device users have best-in-class mobility management. We recently released some feature enhancements within SOTI MobiControl to integrate Knox capabilities so our customers can have a seamless experience.


Consistent and Intuitive UI for Knox Service Plugin (KSP): Through the main UI flow of SOTI MobiControl’s Android Enterprise profile management, IT administrators can seamlessly access the Knox management features available through the KSP. Instead of searching and adding the KSP through the Google Play Store, IT administrators can add it with a single click in the unified profile configuration screen. This gives the IT administrator an effortless user experience, enabling them to use both the standard Android Enterprise features and the differentiated Knox management features for their Samsung devices through a single mobility management system: SOTI MobiControl.


Wildcard Support for KSP: Wildcards via macros in the KSP schema automatically pull information from Samsung devices and inputs it as a value in the KSP text fields. When configuring the KSP, SOTI MobiControl can name the KSP profile according to device-specific data, such as its platform or IMEI number. Macros can be used in various areas throughout the KSP schema and can even be linked together to create unique names for efficient organization of devices.


When configuring KSP in SOTI MobiControl, IT administrators can see up to four levels of the KSP schema, which is auto-populated with default values on the web console. To easily understand each configuration, hover descriptions are available at each level of the KSP schema. IT administrators can also easily revert all configurations back to their default value with the click of a button without having to manually change all the toggles.


Secure Device Enrollment UX with Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME): Samsung KME is a seamless device setup solution that is supported by SOTI MobiControl. To provide an enhanced user experience, SOTI MobiControl’s device enrollment flow has been updated to include all security operations that take place during the initial setup wizard, including end user authentication and essential IT policy compliance. This enables IT administrators to be efficient and ensure device security when enrolling devices to both SOTI MobiControl and KME.


“For many years, SOTI has worked with Samsung to provide our customers with a comprehensive offering - SOTI MobiControl with full support for Knox solutions,” said KC Choi, Head of Global Mobile B2B Team at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “As a Knox Partner, as well as achieving Knox Validated UEM solution status, we believe SOTI can help our customers support the next generation of mobile workers with industry leading productivity and security tools.”


“SOTI works closely with Samsung to ensure we continue to meet the Knox Validated Program requirements and support its promise of value,” says Oscar Rambaldini, VP of Product Management at SOTI. “By doing so, customers can confidently take complete control of their business-critical mobile operations with SOTI MobiControl and provide an optimal user experience on their Samsung devices.”