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After four years, SOTI SYNC is back and better than ever. Taking place during Oktoberfest at the Westin Grand Munich Hotel from September 26 to 28, SOTI SYNC is our largest partner and user conference! Our theme this year is INTELLIGENCE, and we are excited to invite you to:

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Diagnostic Intelligence to Minimize Downtime and Maximize ROI

As organizations grow, there is a greater dependence on devices to keep business running smoothly and ensure worker productivity, and this change can significantly impact the bottom line. SOTI’s State of Mobility Report shows us what leaders say their companies need:

  • 67% think they need better tools to diagnose issues before they become a problem
  • 69% need better data analytics, troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • 43% would like to improve their ability to monitor data analytics

Fortunately for these leaders, this is exactly what SOTI XSight does.

SOTI XSight is a diagnostic intelligence and support solution that improves the ROI of your business-critical mobility. SOTI XSight enables organizations to leverage advanced diagnostics to rapidly resolve app and mobile device issues. Organizations can also access customizable analytics to improve performance and reduce operating costs. SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl to give you complete visibility and supercharges it with analysis, support and management tools needed to streamline your business-critical mobile operations.


Operational Intelligence

Battery Analytics: SOTI XSight provides battery level and discharge information. Want more? It also provides advanced information, such as battery temperature, charge cycles and charging patterns, and can also identify which apps are causing the greatest battery drain. With SOTI XSight, users can create customizable Battery and Smart Battery Dashboards to easily access the analytics they need. SOTI XSight can also serve up analytics for select smart batteries, allowing users to predict their lifecycle.

App Analytics: SOTI XSight enables users to easily view metrics on app usage through customizable App Dashboards. These metrics include app visits, foreground usage, top installs, app storage sizes and app versions. Organizations can categorize apps and choose what data to collect for each category. Organizations can also access a Shift-Based App Usage Dashboard to understand app usage over the course of a defined shift. This can help them make smarter decisions about their operational efficiencies, enabling them to avoid downtime during a shift by providing visibility on app-related issues.

Data Usage Analytics: SOTI XSight provides insights into the type and amount of data used by selected devices through the Data Usage Dashboard. This can enable organizations to identify which apps need to be tuned to minimize data usage and costs while maximizing usability and efficiency.

Location and Signal Strength: SOTI XSight’s Last Location Dashboard reports historical locations of devices while the Signal Strength Dashboard displays a map that can provide information on the signal strength of a device’s cellular carriers based on network carrier and type. This data enables organizations to determine if carriers are delivering the connectivity that devices and workers need.


Advanced Diagnostics

SOTI XSight delivers the industry’s fastest and most comprehensive Remote Control capabilities and enables support technicians to visualize the operation of remote devices as if the device were in their hands. Technicians can improve interactions with the end users by:

  • Visualizing and capturing images from the device screen
  • Whiteboarding and annotating on the device screen
  • Recording audio and video of the support call

While troubleshooting an incident within SOTI XSight, end users can engage in a live text, voice or video chat with their support technician. This helps the technician better understand device issues in the field. Live support provides two-way communication and creates a personal connection between the end user and technician as they solve the device issue together, enhancing the support experience and solving the problem faster.


Automated Monitoring

SOTI XSight’s Watchlist Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of all the devices that are above or below definable parameters. SOTI XSight’s Watchlist can monitor data consumption, battery drain, storage, memory, virus scans, check-in, location and physical drops. The Watchlist Dashboard can also notify IT administrators when devices exceed the established parameters so they can take proactive action to address the issues.


Incident Management

SOTI XSight’s incident management platform allows technicians to log information related to all device issues and repairs. Additionally, technicians can take advantage of increased logging capabilities that include device data, device logs, remote screen captures and recordings to get annotations.


Become a SOTI XSight Expert at SOTI SYNC 23

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