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The distributed workforce is growing rapidly, with a 37% increase in the number of devices used by organizations in the past year alone. Efficient device management and support are essential as device downtime equals money lost.


Even with an efficient device management process, troubleshooting devices in varied and often remote locations from a computer screen at your head office comes with its own challenges:

  • Difficulty gathering device information to diagnose or troubleshoot in real-time
  • Difficulty capturing the remote worker’s explanation of the issue
  • Difficulty explaining the solution


All of these challenges result in lower productivity for the IT technician and increased downtime for the remote worker. Usually on a support call, you wish your IT technician could transport themselves to where you are. Maybe even wish they could just play around with your device and figure out what’s causing it not to function properly.


Innovation with SOTI XSight

SOTI XSight, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, is a diagnostic intelligence and support solution that improves the ROI of your business-critical mobility. SOTI XSight enables organizations like yours to rapidly resolve app and mobile device issues and leverage advanced diagnostics and analytics to improve performance and reduce operating costs. SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl to give you complete visibility and supercharges it with analysis, support and management tools needed to streamline your business-critical mobile operations.


SOTI XSight delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Remote Control capabilities without any additional software required. While troubleshooting support incidents in SOTI XSight, technicians and remote worker’s can also engage in live text, voice or video chat sessions. This not only helps the technician understand the device issues better, but it provides two-way communication and creates a personal connection between the remote worker and technician as they solve the device issue together, thus enhancing the support experience and solving problems faster. Video chat within live support not only enables the technician and worker to speak face-to-face but also allows the worker to show their environment so the technician can see if there is anything contributing to the device issues.



With SOTI XSight, IT technicians can visualize the operation of remote devices as if the device were in their hands. Technicians can also improve interactions with their remote workers by:

  • Whiteboarding and annotating on the device screen to walk the remote worker through the resolution of the issue
  • Visualizing and capturing images from the device screen to accurately capture issues
  • Recording audio and video of the support call to save for future reference


If you are ready to embrace SOTI XSight’s advanced diagnostics to enhance your device support operations and maximize profits within your organization, schedule a free SOTI XSight product demo and speak to an expert or begin your 30-day free trial.


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