praedata and ncc guttermann: Digitizing Customer Processes and Workflow Management with SOTI Snap

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At SOTI SYNC 23, I shared the stage with SOTI Altitude Partners ncc guttermann and praedata. Our keynote speech, Achieve Digitization and Profitability with SOTI Snap, focused on two key challenges associated with manual processes: delays and inconsistencies due to human error.

Business operations are negatively impacted by workflow management delays. Nothing moves forward or gets done if processes are stuck or bottlenecked. Inconsistencies due to human error results in misinformed decision-making or the recollection and resubmitting of data.

Both ncc guttermann and praedata provide IT services. Their customers have common business objectives:

  • Streamline and automate business processes
  • Achieve digital transformation
  • Maintain profitability

Another commonality: Reaching these objectives in the quickest, most cost-effective and least disruptive way possible.

During our keynote speech, ncc guttermann and praedata shared how reimaging SOTI Snap allows them to meet their customers digitization needs, on time and on budget.

Digitization Simplified

Digitizing manual or paper-based workflow management processes through app development can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

But with SOTI Snap, it isn’t.

At SOTI SYNC, ncc guttermann and praedata shared with me and the audience how SOTI Snap is their tool of choice for delivering digitization without incurring the time and costs associated with traditional app development.

ncc guttermann Uses SOTI Snap to Support Their Customers’ Workflow Management Digitization Journey

ncc guttermann specializes in IT consulting and digital document management. They have extensive knowledge of architecture and design to digitize and optimize their customers’ processes. They look at problems through the lens of ‘New Work’ and help organizations who don’t have enough resources to adapt their processes.

Every ncc guttermann customer has their own digitization goals. Some are looking to improve their workflows. Others want ncc guttermann to help identify and replace paper-based processes with digital document management. This is where SOTI Snap comes in. It allows ncc guttermann to create customized apps in minutes. These apps could be tested on any device and operating system. Changes could be quickly made to the apps as required.

Watch below to learn how ncc guttermann uses SOTI Snap to optimize their customers’ processes.

SOTI Partner: ncc guttermann Case Study

Additionally, I was thrilled when ncc guttermann was named the Global SOTI Snap Partner of the Year at SOTI SYNC 23. It recognizes their commitment to build their SOTI Snap practice through technical and sales enablement focused on growing product adoption.

praedata Uses SOTI Snap to Build and Support Apps on a Case-By-Case Basis

praedata specializes in providing efficient, structured and automated workflows to its customers by identifying and digitizing paper-based document processes. These workflows can be as simple as submitting a vacation request or something more substantial, such as documenting product inventory.

These manual workflows need to be simplified and digitized quickly and cost-effectively. There can’t be a “one-size-fits-all” solution; praedata must build bespoke apps on demand.

With SOTI Snap, they can do just that. App development times have gone from six months to one hour. This efficiency allows praedata to build hundreds of apps to meet their customers’ workflow management and process digitization requirements. Through SOTI Snap, praedata has entered new markets and verticals with a broader suite of solutions.

Watch below to learn how praedata used SOTI Snap to cut down on costs, resources and time to build apps. And what’s really cool to me is that praedata is also using SOTI Snap for their own processes.

SOTI Partner: praedata Case Study

Easy Scalability

What ncc guttermann and discovered was once they digitized a workflow management process for a customer with a SOTI Snap app, they could duplicate it again and again for other customers.

The time and cost associated with duplicating apps is almost zero. This is because the initial investment was made with the original app. Depending on the needs of other customers, it could be as simple as updating logos and a few data connections.

With this type of scalability, ncc guttermann and praedata can generate additional revenue without spending too much time and money. They also can share their apps on the SOTI Pulse Marketplace and expose them to a wider customer base.

Partner with SOTI

ncc guttermann and praedata began their journey by joining the SOTI Altitude Partner Program. From there, they were given the tools and resources to better understand the value SOTI Snap could bring to their customers. Through SOTI’s free licensing program for SOTI Altitude Partners, they tested and demonstrated what SOTI Snap and workflow management digitization could do for their customers.

SOTI Snap experts provided guidance and training to help these SOTI Altitude Partners take full advantage of SOTI Snap. When ncc guttermann and praedata built and deployed customer apps with SOTI Snap, they did so with full confidence and knowledge of the solution.

Visit the SOTI Altitude Partner Program web page for more details about the program, its benefits and how you can join.

Finally, for customers, I want to convey that digitizing processes is easier than you think. You never have to start from scratch and talented and experience partners like praedata and ncc guttermann are there to help automate your business…in a snap.