SOTI MobiControl and SOTI Surf Now Integrate with ProGlove

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SOTI Surf for Android is the secure web browser managed through SOTI MobiControl that enables users to access corporate data through an encrypted connection on their Android devices. The ProGlove MARK Display wearable scanner is the versatile scanner which presents critical information to workers in an ergonomic and efficient manner.


These two world-class solutions now work together, courtesy of the SOTI Surf for Android integration with ProGlove wearable scanners.


“We at SOTI are excited about this partnership with ProGlove. In today’s world, speed, accuracy and access to real-time, actionable data are what gives organizations a competitive advantage. This integration empowers our mutual customers to better drive productivity efficiencies within their logistics and production workflows.” – Saurabh Sharma, Product Manager, SOTI MobiControl at SOTI


More Data and Greater Productivity


SOTI MobiControl and SOTI Surf work together to effectively manage and secure ProGlove devices:




  • The Insight Mobile App for Android is deployed onto Android devices where the SOTI MobiControl Agent is installed. SOTI Surf will also be installed on the device. Once the device is connected to the ProGlove scanner (which is as easy as scanning a QR code on the Insight Mobile App for Android), SOTI Surf communicates with the scanner via the Insight Mobile App for Android, ensuring alerts received on ProGlove wearable scanners correspond to the scanned data submitted on SOTI Surf.


“This partnership is built upon our shared mission to reduce the cost and complexity of business-critical mobility and the IoT,” said Dunja Riehemann, Chief Marketing Officer at ProGlove. “Through the integration of SOTI MobiControl and SOTI Surf, now with our wearable scanning technology, businesses can easily secure, manage and support their mobile operations. This will be more important than ever and a critical step to drive worker augmentation along global supply chains and shop floors.”

Together, SOTI MobiControl, SOTI Surf and ProGlove make it simple to connect the ProGlove scanner to a device with SOTI Surf installed on it by just scanning a QR code on the Insight Mobile App for Android.

ProGlove connection test

The connection is now made and below are two use cases.

In the first video, a barcode is scanned which gets submitted into SOTI Surf via ProGlove integration. The inventory is being queried through an API call from SOTI Surf and the response from the inventory scan is being sent back to the ProGlove scanner from SOTI Surf. Information is displayed on the ProGlove scanner screen and through flashing lights (green indicates there is a record found in the inventory). You can program feedback as audio, visual or haptic alerts on the scanner.

ProGlove Success test

In the example below, red lights indicate there is an error.


SOTI and ProGlove: Powerfully Mutual Benefits

Two core tenants of SOTI and ProGlove are speed and accuracy. With the ProGlove MARK family of wearable scanners, users can scan six seconds faster with 33% less errors ; important benefits when you consider that, in transportation and logistics (T&L) alone, data entry errors cost businesses over $600 billion (USD) annually.


Because SOTI MobiControl (along with SOTI Surf) is part of the integrated suite of solutions that is the SOTI ONE Platform , organizations can quickly and effectively manage many aspects of their business-critical mobility:


  • App development and deployment: SOTI Snap simplifies the app building process using a simple drag and drop interface. Create the apps your employees need to be productive in minutes, not days, weeks or months.
  • Connected device management: If wearable devices are connected to IoT-enabled printers, SOTI Connect ensures those printers are secured and performing at peak efficiency.

Integrating SOTI Surf and ProGlove is easy because all you need to do is make use of custom JavaScript (JS) functions exposed by SOTI Surf into your web application. Once the connection is established between ProGlove and the device, workers can start scanning ASAP.

It’s no wonder these best-in-class products are now working together.

"This partnership has a direct impact on our customers. Reducing supply chain process errors equals increased revenue and a better bottom line. Together, SOTI and ProGlove help automate the assembly, inventory and packing process. It’s the best of both worlds: SOTI’s market-leading Enterprise Mobility Management platform with ProGlove’s powerful MARK Display wearable scanners.” – Saurabh Sharma, Product Manager, SOTI MobiControl at SOTI.

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